Government Takeover of the Church

Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego were thrown into the fire because they would not bow to an Idol (a fictitious entity).   Everyone else who bowed did so under threat and duress of being thrown into that same fire.   The children of Israel, the Hebrew people constantly fell into idol worship — the contemporary Christian might wonder how they could have been so stupid as to bow to fictitious entities made of wood, stone or metal! Peter and the other Apostles were thrown into prison for preaching in Messiah’s name, they did not ask the authorities what they were legally permitted to say, rather Peter proclaimed, “We must Obey God rather than men.”   Likewise the early Church suffered great persecution because they would simply not bow to the lordship of Caesar.
John Bunyan wrote The Pilgrims Progress from prison because he would not take a license from government to preach that which he was commanded by the authority of God.   To the contemporary church these are just fanciful stories for the amusement of children, in practice they mean nothing!   The modern American Christian thinks nothing of identifying himself with the “Ceaser State” by claiming to be a resident of a fiction “STATE OF” or the “U.S.” – Resident defined in law means “thing identified.”   To be a thing identified (resident) of a fictitious entity or world principality (STATE OF …) is to be in the world and of it.
To bring a “church” under the authority of a fictitious world principality can by no means be a determination of separation, but in reality this marriage begets the illegitimate creation of a new fictitious entity, a STATE CORPORATION.   The Prophet of old proclaimed, “my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge,”  but there will be no excuse for willful ignorance.   Is it time to “come out of her my people” or do they mock the word of God, turning it to mere cliche, by spouting an obvious lie, “we are in the world but not of it?” We may not to bow to fictitious entities made of wood, stone or metal, but do we bow to those which merely exist in the minds of men?
Pastors listen to this man, one who has come out, then email me for the DVD on this subject, “Government Takeover of the Church” or watch it now

5 thoughts on “Government Takeover of the Church”

  1. I agree with his decision to dump the govt. stranglehold, but I disagree with Baldwin’s message of “flag-waving,” overall. What business do pastors have in government anything?

    The U.S. Constitution is a God-given GIFT to His Church – to force us to win the lost, or be overthrown by them, if/when we don’t. It serves that purpose only insofar as it keeps the Church SEPARATE from the State – even as it keeps the State OUT of the Church. And yet, Chuck Baldwin, et al, would seek to “knock down” this ONLY wall of Separation — i.e., our only defense from the State — as spit on it. He’s a fool!

    Did you know that Americans United for the Separation of Church & State was initially founded in 1949 as “PROTESTANTS and Other Americans United for the Separation of Church & State”? It’s founders understood the threat that exists in Rome (and they knew, in that day, that the papacy is the seat of Anti-Christ).

    Our so-called “pastors” have no government entity strangling THAT truth from being broadcast from their pulpits, 501C3, or not.


  2. If anyone wishes to read what happened to our Savior & will happen to us if we buck the system as He did or run into 501c3 social gatherings & try to speak the truth about our corporated government (Tttle 28 section 3002(15)(A)) as defined by statute. Try & get your social leader to give a sermon on the repressive tax system we have in the USA see how quick your butt hits the door or there is a law separation of church & state we cannot go there. But in the final solution the Savior in his own words said it all in Matt. 11:12. That is the truth. Jn 17:17 Now lets howler peace & safety in Iraq, Afganistan and soon to be Iran. Glory to the Mighty One of Oaths return not now but right now & rule with your mighty rod of iron!


  3. I believe what is stated by our Savior & what was done to our Savior is proof enough for any who wish to read & understand the truth. It is found & you can experience it yourself if you ever encounter 501c3 & the corporate government. Title 28 section 3002 (15)(A) The statement of what will happen to anyone who bucks the system is found in Matt. 11:12 as stated by our Savior this is the truth. Jn 17:17.


  4. Hello, even without specifics I completely understand his point. I could add volumes expounding on my own church exposures since being reborn. How he managed to stay in the “clergy” all those years remains to be understood. However, these things he’s referring to are not, nor were they ever, “churches”. Calling these centers of Baal manipulation as such just confuses the actual purpose of these manipulative, chain-less prisons. They are sponsored by the state to adjust and control our social conscience. Get “ordained”, buy a sermon, and tell a few antidotes and you got yourself a job as a hireling in this new “church” age. According to the state: “Any god is better than no god” because atheists can’t be brought off course if they aren’t walking. Independent thought is dangerous to the system and Truth is even more so. Cherry picked scripture is used to tell us “It’s okay”, “Don’t change a thing”, “Jesus loves us where we are”. It’s appointed hireling Shepard spokesmen author political and organizational opinions and self help worldly philosophies designed by our enemy to lead us blindly down the wide road of destruction. During His ministry Jesus never once complained about the Roman empire running things in Israel and was even found being kind hearted in His dealings with them. He did state that we are to “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s”. At the time Israel was Caesars. It was God given for His purposes. The things that are God’s were and always will be God’s. True followers will never be taken from His hand. We are suppose to obey the laws of the land into which our ambassadorships have been assigned, so as to display our good works before the unbelievers. We are called upon to promote our spiritual home of origin not take up sides with regard to the law of men. We only need to teach Christ and Him crucified. Support for high profile political causes can’t be validated within the teachings of our Master. The word “christian” was a slang term and less than endearing when it was coined, and thanks to these 501C3 officers/administrators the rest of the world thinks Jesus is as skewed as their collective blithering. Our “guilt by association” with co-opted words like “church” and “christian” are always a stumbling block to work past before being able to begin sharing the true gospel of our Lord. The blasphemies that are apart of the world’s “Church” history is an abomination when measured against our Master’s teachings. What would ever possess one to think that they’re finally getting it right?! Doing the same things over and over and expecting a different outcome is the definition of insanity (or the start of another new christian denomination).

    Humbly Submitted


  5. Thank you for your forthright program on the radio, it is encouraging to hear a like minded man. Your commentary on the scriptures keeps me in the word and strengthens my resolve. I’m addressing this to Nicklas Arthur, and like wise to Chuck Baldwin. So many are afraid to tell it like it is. I pray for your protection and prosperity in advancing the Kingdom.



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