America in Prophecy

Revelation Chapter 13 Verse 11 gives us several clues about this second beast:

1. It rises up out of the earth.

In looking for the interpretation of a symbol we must always look in the context first, secondly in the same book before we look elsewhere in the bible.  The text does not directly interpret this symbol for us but lets us know that this 2nd Beast is different from the 1st Beast which rose up out of the sea, which symbol the text interprets at 17.15: “waters… are peoples, and multitudes, and nations, and tongues” So earth being the opposite of waters, we would interpret this symbol as the opposite of a densely populated area, thus the 2nd Beast arises out of a sparsely populated area.

2. The two horns represent two concurrent or successive types of governmental power, the first is “like a lamb” the second horn of power “speaks like a dragon.”

So we have this “lamb like government that rises up not in the old (densely populated) world where the first beast rose up, but in the “new world” that was sparsely populated at that time.  “Like a Lamb” seems to be a direct reference to a government founded upon Godly Principles, even the principles of the Messiah, the Lamb of God.  Is there such a government in the earth today?  What principle could be more attributable to the Messiah than “you shall love your neighbor as yourself?”  Now we have a government with this very principle stated in its founding document in the words “all men are created equal” and if we truly believe that all men are created equal then we must do unto our neighbors as we would have done to ourselves.  Consider this list of biblical governing principles:

You shall love your neighbor as yourself  / its law said: All men are created equal
Love of Truth / is expressed as Freedom of Speech and Press
No compulsory Religious involvement / No compulsory Charity
No Involuntary Servitude /  No compulsory Taxes  / No Property Tax
Thou shall not steal / Property rights / No compulsory Contracts
a Just weight and balance / a Gold & Silver Monetary system
the Greatest shall be Servant of all / Not Lord it over others / Not self serving in Government
Establish facts by 2 or 3 witnesses / innocent until proven guilty / due process
Thou shall not murder  / the Right to bear arms – to Preserve Life
and guarantee all of the above

All of these founding principles were taken directly from the scriptures.  So we see that the United States of America becomes the prime candidate for the 2nd Beast of Revelation 13 and honestly we admit that there is not another nation that fully qualifies and it is unlikely that another such could arise… there is more;  we also see that America is changing, just as chapter 13 predicts  of this second government!

The America of the Future will not be the America of the Past, its place in history future is already determined by the One Who holds the future in His hand.  Repent and Cross the border into the Kingdom of God, that one and only Holy Nation, I pray that His Kingdom is your destiny, nothing is more important!


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