Pledge of Allegiance for the Kingdom of God

I pledge allegiance to the
King of Kings and to His
kingdom come on earth
as it is in heaven; one holy
nation under the heavenly
Father with grace mercy
and justice for all… amen

7 thoughts on “Pledge of Allegiance for the Kingdom of God”

  1. Thanks Nicklas,I have just begun working and miss you on the short wave, I am at a coffee bar for the wi fi ,so I am taking this moment to thank you for being you and am thankful to be on His earth the same time as you and to hear or read you messages! Please keep doing the work of Saints as you are a breath of fresh air! All my love to you and all at Cross the border!


  2. Nicklas,
    Hello.. Although i completely agree with the sentiment .. , i have to disagree with the (Swear\ Foreswear, Oath) Ye-ho-shu-ah has said “Swear not”…See Matt 5 vs 33-37 No difference in this as showing “Allegiance \ Pledge” to the “United States of America”… Regards Fred


    1. The very act of repentance is a Pledge of Allegiance whereby He inscribes His Law upon my heart!
         [uh-lee-juhns] noun
      the loyalty of a citizen to his or her government or of a subject to his or her sovereign.
      loyalty or devotion to some person, group, cause, or the like


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