Personal Secession

America has been saddled with the consummate SocioCommuFacist Dictator of American Presidents.  Now many feel they want their State to secede. Lincoln settled the ‘right to secede’ issue with unlawful acts, executive orders and the blood of hundreds of thousands of America’s Fathers and Sons.  I don’t believe there is one State Government with the guts to attempt a resurrection of that right!  The apotheosis of Lincoln only verifies the maxim, “History is written by the victors.” Washington DC won, America lost! Does anyone really believe that Obama would be less tyrannical than Lincoln who was a much better man?

There is a viable alternative to State Secession and that is Personal Secession. Personal Secession is a Religious Liberty issue.  God Almighty called me to ministry more than twenty years ago and with that call He led me to secede from all the entanglements with the world systems which violated His Law.   When He called me out I was on the inside looking out and my vision was obscured by the snares that entangled me. It was a long process coming out of the world system to the point where I am now on the outside looking in.
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Post Election Blues

I heard someone comment on a national program about Obama wanting to quit before the election, The Spirit revealed the same thing to me, but the rulers of darkness have use of him, and he has no choice but comply-of course the election is a sham. The Spirit showed me this as I viewed some portions of the debates, why his heart was not in it, he wanted to lose, go to his new home in Hawaii and play golf. I also believe that Romney did, would have won the election by a strong margin (not a landslide), if the elections were honest. But they are not! Should we really be surprised. I have been telling my listeners all year that Obama would serve a second term. But many people were getting excited by Romney’s appeal as the only viable alternative, any sane American did not want Obama back.

In my mind Obama is the perfect candidate for the Islamic Mahdi and the Left Behind Anti-Christ character, these two are the creation of the same evil minds and it is unlikely that they will be separate characters when revealed. Continue reading Post Election Blues