T D Hale does’nt want his 501c3 taken away?

About 1:10 into the above short audio Pastor Hale says, “when they put the laws into effect, when they put the hammer down we’re gonna all see — you know — pastors ehh-eh-ah I-I-I’m to the point now that I turned in my ahm, you know I don’t marry people no more, I you – cause I don’t want to be caught in this to where I’m gonna have to be compromised to be forced or have my 501c3 taken away.”

Now it sounds like Mr. Hale may have begun to say that he “turned in” his 501c3 status? I hope this is the case. It needs to be understood there is no law that requires anyone to have a license to marry, unless they want benefits from the State.  Pastors, who are also Officers of State Not For Profit Corporations and receive the benefit of 501c3 Status, are bound by that entanglement to comply with public policy of their respective State including licensing for marriages performed by them, including Sodomite Marriages when they are legalized by their State.

You see it is not the people who are required to be licensed (are we dogs or free men),  but it is the Corporate Officer [Pastor] who can only marry licensed couples from his State Officer position because that is public policy.  And if public policy changes?   Your application and agreement for Not For Profit status includes any future changes.  In the coming days public policy will be rigorously enforced, those State Churches that do not comply will lose their status and have their properties confiscated and redistributed according to their agreement and current law, and that means: to churches which will comply with sodomite marriage!

Pastor Hale came to my attention on a prominent radio broadcast because of some dreams which he had, I believe that his dreams were from God because God gave me several dreams some what similar which you can learn about in this 11.21.12 broadcast, about 45 min in I start to explain about the dreams that God gave me and in the second hour about 6 minutes in I go into detail: for 2nd hr press play, then right arrow

download: hr.1 hr.2

Now I would like to hear about what Pastor Hale did not have time to reveal, what he was going to say on this topic but perhaps did not have time as the broadcast was ending. I’m hoping that he will come on my weekly Prophecy Reality Broadcast to discuss this matter further, I will attempt to contact him and bring this post to his attention. In the mean time I would like him to view the following video link so that we can get his take on the 501c3 matter.

Government Takeover of the Church Video List

5 thoughts on “T D Hale does’nt want his 501c3 taken away?”

  1. Re property taxes: You already have the mark, the name and the number…..Try ‘not using’ any number to pay your property taxes…You can’t. Though the Social Security number is not supposed to be used for identification the IRS and SS Administration have corrupted this and so now you are being numbered and ID’d by this number. Without a birth certificate for instance you can’t get a drivers license nor a bank account or a fishing license, and SS #’s are issued at birth…..While christianity has slept they have given the nation over to the ‘adversary’. The only people who can really comment about judgment or tell others what they should do re: how to be ‘set apart’ are those who are truly set apart…”registered and licensed” pastors have sold out their standing with the Most ‘set apart’ God…This is why the Lord has said (He prophesied the future) In that day many will come in My Name saying ‘did we not do great things in your name’ and I will say to them “Get away from Me you workers of iniquity, and there will be much weeping and gnashing of teeth”. (I paraphrase here but you can find this in Matthew). These judgments that you see coming are upon the wicked as tribulation and then after that YHVH will destroy the evil. In the Old Testament YHVH says He uses ‘evil to punish the wicked’…there is a difference between the wicked and the evil surely as there is a difference between the wicked and the righteous. YHVH does not put wrath upon those who are ‘set apart (holy); ie the righteous’. Obviously then ‘righteous does not mean ‘without sin’ because all people are born into sin so righteous must mean something along the lines of ‘obedient’. In the Book of Revelations there is the saying “Here is the patience of the ‘saints’ (ie righteous;set apart; the wise virgins) those who guard the commands of YHVH and keep the testimony of Jesus Christ.” If you are not this ‘status’ in YHVH’s eyes then you are either still in rebellion or you are evil….the rebellious children are the wicked children. Those who fall into Balaam’s error, as you can see in many Hebrew Roots organizations, start off correct but then fall into error and become wicked and rebellious again. This is a mystery…that is why it is called the “mystery of iniquity”. So many pastors, who went to school and learned business administration and then became heads of churches, have fallen into this trap. They really do not know God’s word and they have lifted themselves up. The people are innocent for the most part but since they are caught in this error they will go thru the tribulation. Tribulation is meant to cause repentance but most people don’t know what to repent of. They repent of their personal sins but stop short of dissolving their corporate sins as a ‘body of Christ’…they do not keep the Sabbath and still use idols of foreign gods to worship YHVH with. You must give these up. You must read the Bible for yourselves……Again, to the ‘boss’ of this site I thank you for this opportunity to speak. I mean no ill will toward any pastor. But, you are the ones who will reap this tribulation until you repent. There can be no pride in the Kingdom of Heaven here on earth. Every knee shall bow….Joseph


  2. It is true about the 501(c)3 status,,,most all Hebrew Roots organizations and Jewish congregations are this as well. This is an abomination as a corporation requires three people to be the head and usually they are by law under the State Commissioner. When you marry with a state license your marriage is legally defined as a “domestic corporation” In every ‘corporation’ there is three heads…in this there is the man, the woman, and the State commissioner, not Christ. To marry under YHVH God, the Father of Jesus Christ, one must learn the rules for that as they are stated in the Torah. But most all christian churches do not teach this, teaching the opposite that the Torah has been done away with. Apparently TD Hale and others are receiving these dreams because they are the ones who have brought the judgment down upon this nation along with the evil in Wash.DC. I do not receive dreams of destruction…I receive dreams of ‘instruction and assurance’. Please look at what the Father requires of you. Remember that Jesus kept the commands of His Father saying to us that He only does that which He sees His Father doing. Also, Jesus describes who His brothers and sisters are. They are by His own words those people who do the ‘will of My Father in Heaven’. The Father’s will is found in the Old testament. The Lord’s application and the ‘renewed covenant’ is the new Testament. By reading the Old Testament you will learn much of why Jesus spoke the way He did. For those of you who wish to communicate with me in sincerity I will do my best to be a good servant to you…my email is joeldulac2001@yahoo.com. Please reference this site and I will know who you are. I post this because I care more for you than I do for myself. I know I will probably get a lot of hate mail now but I know it will not be from you……..and to the ‘boss’ of this site I say thank you and please keep in touch….Joseph.


  3. You are correct about the 501c3 and you are correct about the “no law that requires anyone to have a license to marry, unless they want benefits from the State.” God bless you for your web site. Pastor Hale


  4. Wow ! I was just as shocked , having listened to two segments on [ RW ] then to hear the comment about 501c3, at the very end, just ruined his testimony ! Lord help him, and help us discern the times ! AMEN.


  5. Yeah, My ears perked up when I heard that too. I assumed from the beginning that he is an incorporated preacher, but that obviously proved it. I know we shouild be skeptical of all so-called “dreams” and predictions, but coming from a man that is a body of the state, as compared to the body of Messiah as evidenced by his incorporated status, I just cannot give anything he says any weight; unless the matter can be established by other witnesses. And even then I would still be highly skeptical .


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