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Rapture or Resurrection?

I never could understand the “Secret Rapture doctrine”, How does that work? Millions of people disappear from the earth, and nobody notices? What is that, a Doctor Who episode?

rapture1Unfortunately, we are not talking about a Doctor Who episode. The reason it is a secret is because God did not put it in His Word! This fact alone I find very troubling. But God first revealed it to a Church of Scotland minister, named Edward Irving, who was the first to preach the “rapture gospel” about 1830. One of his church members, Margaret MacDonald consequently had a vision from which the pre-tribulation rapture sprang. This “secret rapture” was promoted by Irving claiming he, too, had heard a “voice” from heaven commanding him to teach it. Some modern researchers submit that Irving’s speculations of the “…rapture were influenced by the Spanish Jesuit Priest Lacunza, whose book Irving had translated in 1827 under the title, The coming of the Messiah in Glory and Majesty.” Continue reading Rapture or Resurrection?