2 thoughts on “America in the Last Days”

  1. great show,
    haven’t commented much lately cause when I do it seems to cause doubt.
    but since you were so well recovered, guess it’s time to poke the bear 🙂
    this never occurred to me before, till listening to this show, to wit:
    time, times, and half a time;
    times, in the greek is actually time not times,
    so time, time, and half a time could be 250 years,
    1776 plus 250 is 2026.
    and, guess what? the 1560 geneva points to 2026 as the end of the 6th ‘day’
    another point, less pokey,
    both your study and the 1560’s seem to co-respond precisely except for where the ‘creation time’ mates up to ‘bce time’; that and [not sure of this] I think the 1560 points to messiahs birth, not his baptist, as I believe you are using for the end of the 69 weeks.

    that’s it, again, good show old chap!
    ww aka tom


    1. not much of a poke because I have not really researched the ‘time, times, and half a time’ Perhaps you will agree that Father reveal that to me, amen – when He does I will share that.
      Concerning the “unto messiah” at 69 weeks, remember what he accomplished in the middle of the next week, He could not have done that at 3 1/2 years of age. Thank you my friend.


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