Imminent Breakup of America – Constitutional Convention

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One thought on “Imminent Breakup of America – Constitutional Convention”

  1. Nicklas,
    I admire your sincerity and common sense comprehension of what the scriptures are about. I do not know of your background which generally has some influence on what we end up believing.
    A study of Daniel reveals that four beasts come up out of the sea which are also four kings which arise out of the earth. Rev 17:18 and elsewhere speaks of the kings of the earth. The kings of the earth rule over the kingdom territories (land) that ultimately were separated from the sea at creation. In a nutshell king and kingdom: earth and sea. Adam was created from dust of the earth.
    My view is that the second beast from the earth with two horns like a lamb speaking as the dragon
    is the cherub Lucifer (in Latin) in possession of the papal antichrist king of the earth. He rules over his brutalist empire territory from the sea commanding it for example as crusaders. They are the sword in his hand which he exercises (commands).
    You agree, because I heard you say it elsewhere, that the dragon gives power to the beast from the sea (the first beast). But he now speaks as himself the dragon, as the second beast from earth,
    commanding the empowered beast from the sea.
    The word ox includes any bovine animal. Examination of the four living creatures from Ezekiel chapters 1 and 10 alongside the river Chebar reveals that the face of an ox is the face of a cherub.
    A lamb (male) with two horns is an ox, is a cherub.
    Somehow, in another broadcast your understanding was that the first beast empowered by the dragon was above the second beast, which I comprehend is the dragon speaking from a possessed person, the pope, the king of Babylon and most likely anti-christ.
    Gen 1:2,9. Ezek 10:15,22. Ezek 1:10/Ezek 10:14. Dan 7:3,17


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