3 thoughts on “Wise as a Serpent Jacob and Esau”

  1. Hi Nicklas,

    Just regarding the “Millennium”

    Was just watching your post part 2 on fathers being historicist, good stuff

    Just wondering how you reconcile 1260 days, is this not also 3.5 years?

    If so does this not indicate the second half of Daniels 70th week in which the first half was fulfilled by the Messiah Jesus Christ,

    The second half being 1260 days (3.5)years being the church age? Until he comes back for His bride.

    Is not the 1000 years specifying this time figuaratively or do you think that Satan was chained by a literal chain? How can a spirit be bound by a physical chain. Could it not be that the Gospel is the chain which prevents him from deceiving the nations until the thousand years were finished and he is loosed a short time during the new world religion you discussed previously. I understand your using the 1000 years as being literal where elsewhere in the bible 1000 is meant by a great number such as the Lord knows the cattle on a thousand hills. What about the 1001st hill does he not know this hill? This is figurative of a great amount or many, could this not also apply to a period of time.

    I realize that the other time 1000 is mentioned as a specific time but the figurative language used regarding the chain could well be figurative for time as well.

    Love your work, keep it up, If I could afford it I would send you money to help out but I am also doing it tough, lost my Job due to injury.

    Keep up the good fight God Bless



    1. For every beast of the forest is mine, and the cattle upon a thousand hills. (Psalms 50:10) [“a” thousand is not specific]
      So this statement is not figurative, but literal. Any cattle upon any singular hill can be numbered with that on any other 999 hills, therefore not limited to “one” thousand. I also have several postings on the Millennium.


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