2 thoughts on “TEMPLE MOUNT may be WRONG LOCATION”

  1. Praise the Lord for this revelation from the Holy Spirit to Bob Cornuke. What this means is that all the restrictions and limitations imposed on the Jewish nation to rebuild the Temple by the Moslems have in these last day been lifted. We are truly entering into the final phase of “The Times of the Gentiles” being fulfilled. If the temple is rebuilt in the original location of Solomon’s temple, and sacrifices recommenced then does this mean that 2 covenants will be operating simultaneously?? One with our Lord Jesus Christ as the Great High Priest OF THE TRIBE OF Judah in the Heavenly Tabernacle where He presented His OWN PRECIOUS BLOOD to the Father as a ONE TIME SACRIFICE FOR ALL TIMES (HEB 10 /10-14) and another under the re-commissioned Levitical Priest Hood offering the blood of bulls and goats IN THE EARTHLY TABERNACLE. It is my understanding that both cannot operate simultaneously. It is time for the Church to be RAPTURED and for the final ½ week UNDER THE OLD COVENANT (70-69 ½- DAN 9/24-27) to be enacted.


  2. I did an interview with Bob Cornuke last evening and it was a game changer. Bob came out with so much information in just 55 minutes as he has done here in this excellent interview. If anyone wants to watch my interview with Bob (please watch this one first) please visit: http://youtu.be/Uq7L844qfsI Thanks and God bless all.


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