2 thoughts on “Prophecy Reality TV 20150610”

  1. The four living creatures by the river Chebar with four wings, four human hands and four faces of lion, eagle, ox and man in Ezekiel chapter 1, are the same as the four cherubim of Ezekiel chapter 10:22. They had the same four faces, these faces being of a cherub, a man, a lion and an eagle. Look back closely, and you will find the face of a cherub is the face of an ox/bull with two horns like a caribou. Lucifer was a cherub. Ezek 28:14. Each cherub has a set of whirling wheels. Each went straight forward. The spirit of the cherub was in its detached wheels. This is a gyroscope or space compass. Spinning wheels hold their plane and direction. This is how these spirit beings navigate. Same with the spinning earth. The equator is always parallel to its spinning plane. Its orbit is a different plane by 22 1/2 degrees. Its axis always points in the same parallel direction. Man’s gyroscopes are not perfect however.


  2. I agree with you, there is too much that contravenes a flat earth. If you understand the principle of a gyroscope though, it becomes evident that the earth has to spin to hold its line. A rifle bullet spins to stop it haphazardly orienteering round its centre of gravity. A bicycle wheel balances itself vertically only when turning. The earth has a diameter of 8000 miles. Its circumference is 25,000 miles at the equator. For convenience round this down to 24,000 miles. Because of 24 hours in a day at equinox the earth is spinning at 1000 MPH at the equator. Actually about 1050mph. If the Sun is the daylight source, which it obviously is, then being a sphere it has two sides, one facing the sun, the other not – day and night, 365 times a year. Now stand on the North or South Pole for one whole year. You will find the Sun rises and sets once in the whole 365 days. One year comes one day also because of the 22 1/2 degree axis of gyroscopic axis held by the earth causing the seasons. Here summer equals day and winter night. Seven years becomes one week of seven days, and the seventh day or year is an annual sabbath for the Land.
    The sun takes 24 hours relatively to complete a day. The moon takes near 24..8 hours. The moon is slower than the sun so the Sun overtakes it every thirty days (29 /12 days actually).. The sun gains 0.8 hours per day. So 24 divided by 0.8 equals 30. Thirty days in a month.
    The evening immediately occurring after the sun has overtaken the moon is the beginning of a new month or NEW MOON. This evening is assessed on Jerusalem time for consistency.
    This is important to assess the correct day for Passover and the other annual feasts. The picture on Greg Szymanski’s website Arcticbeacon.org depicts a new moon about to occur.

    For me Revelation 13:8 is the UN. “And authority was given it over every tribe and people and tongue and nation.” It creates international laws. Who else does? The dragon gives it its power and great authority Revelation13:3. No throne apparent yet though. This is the 1st beast.

    The image made to the 1st beast by the 2nd beast is Revelation 13:15. This image speaks from heaven, though its ventriloquist is the Vatican. It is the Babylonian Virgin Mary – the BVM.
    This became possible after her Assumption (educated guess) into heaven. She is alive and can speak. The best explanation of this was made by a man with a penetrating mind, and can be found in Section IV – The Image of the Beast. This chapter in Alexander Hislop’s book ‘The Two Babylons” is sheer genius. Point here though is Rev 13:15 is not the UN, it is the work of the 2nd beast with two horns like a lamb – THE VATICAN. They set up the feasts and doctrines of the Immaculate Conception and The Assumption. Read the footnotes too. It is brilliant.


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