Prophecy Reality TV Flat Earth, Kent Hovind, Public Schools, listener calls, current events…

Flat Earth, Kent Hovind, Public Schools, listener calls, current events…

One thought on “Prophecy Reality TV Flat Earth, Kent Hovind, Public Schools, listener calls, current events…”

  1. In Isaiah 11:12 it is definitely stated that the earth has four (4) corners. The Moffatt, RSV, KJV and Complete Jewish Bible all agree in this translation. The Living Bible renders it ‘ the ends of the earth’.
    If the earth is flat it would have to be square, rectangular or trapezoid to have four corners..
    A 3-dimensional cube has eight corners, so for a four cornered solid it would have to be a tetrahedron as a pyramid rising to a vertex from three sides of a triangular base. I am strictly going by the bible here with the only clues provided.
    In Isaiah 40:22 we find: ‘It is he who sits above the circle of the earth’. So now, if the earth is flat it is circular like the UN emblem with the its centre, the North Pole. If it is circular as a solid object, then that can only allow for a sphere. No such thing as a four cornered sphere exists.
    So now, using all available biblical evidence, we have a circular sphere or square or solid with four corners. It cannot be a tetrahedron – that’s out, because it is not circular. And a four cornered sphere is out because such does not exist.
    Hang on, it must be a cylinder because only it is both circular from above, and square as viewed from the side projection with four corners. (The answer is ‘a pineapple’.)
    Proverbs 26:4-5. Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest you be like him yourself. Yet, answer a fool according to his folly, lest he be wise in his own eyes. (I am about to infringe both.)

    The four corners obviously means North, South, East and West. Accepting that the UN emblem could be the flat circle with its pinpoint centre as the North Pole, then all compasses point North to the CENTREPOINT along its radial lines, no longer longitudinally. Equally the same compass pointing North is also pointing South, because from within a circle point anywhere and it will be to the perimeter, and all points on the perimeter are Antactica – the South Pole. In this model pointing North also always points South and at the same time. (Does not square with the facts.). On the contrary every direction South to the PERIMETER Is not necessarily North. All points North are South but not all directions South are North.
    On a solid spherical earth a person can travel forever along the equator in a westward direction, following the Sun. Likewise the East is never exhausted, just keep going East.
    Travelling North to the North Pole clockwise from an East projection, following a line of longitudinal great circle gets you to the North Pole and suddenly you are travelling South, though still clockwise. North to South reverses when the compass suddenly swings round. You are now travelling South, but in the the same clockwise direction.
    So only two corners of the earth really count – North and South. These just happen to be the pivotal axis of the earth. Job 9:6 shows the earth is not immovable. Psalm 18:7 also. The King of Babylon (NWO) will make the earth tremble, as this fraudulent ‘greenie’ destroys the earth. Isaiah 14:16.
    A still earth sitting straight up on its North South axis, with the Sun orbiting it does not fit the facts. The Sun would drunkenly have to compensate for its orbit around the earth to establish the known seasons from Cancer to Capricorn and back over 365 days. I believe this whole debate is a return to the dark ages and whoever put it out there is succeeding in pulling a ‘swiftie’ on some so called ‘intelligentsia’.
    It is so much easier to just have the earth spin on its tilted axis once every 24 hours for 365 days as it orbits the Sun once yearly. Simply explains everything. Night, day, seasons.
    (The Bible does not once use the word ‘Bridge’. But look at Revelation 17:1 and ask, ‘what sits over waters?’ Answer: bridges. This harlot is Pontifex Maximus, the chief bridge builder, builder of bridges over many waters to the NWO. The Bible does not state everything there is to know.)


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