One thought on “Futurism, Charismania & the Kingdom, Headlines Prophecy Reality 20150826”

  1. I say the temple will be built in Jerusalem before the return of the Messiah occurs. Here is why. Read the quotes below in context (that is, read further). There is no doubt that the context does not fit the temple destroyed in 70 AD. It is a future temple before the return of the Messiah. Bozrah is due east of Jerusalem and when the lightning flashes in the east, it is seen in the west. The Messiah is moving westwards from the east in sync with the sun.
    Ezekiel 43:1-7 Afterwards he brought me to the gate, the gate facing East. And behold, the glory of the God of Israel came from the East; and the sound of His coming was like the sound of many waters; and the EARTH shone with His glory. And the vision I saw was like the vision which I had seen when he came to destroy the city, and like the vision which I had seen by the river Chebar; and I fell upon my face. As the glory of the LORD entered the temple by the gate facing East, the Spirit lifted me up and brought me into the inner court; and behold, the glory of the LORD filled the temple.
    While the man was standing beside me, I heard One speaking to me out of the temple; and He said to me, “Son of man, this is the place of My throne and the place of the soles of My feet, where I will dwell in the midst of the people of Israel for ever.” (Not yet happened.)
    [Note: – SDAs will not have a bar of this because the bible does not agree with their religion or their religious pomposity. This would be deleted if it was quoted on ‘The Unhived Mind’ website, as has already happened. This IS on earth. Sabbaths means 24 hour days, in weekly sevens, and new moons still exist monthly. The prince of Ezek 44:3 is resurrected king David by connection to Ezek 37:25-26 where we find the people of Israel still multiplying or reproducing, therefore still on this earth. And this place earth is the place of the ‘soles of the Messiah’s feet’ amongst His people Israel FOREVER. Sorry for SDAs but truth will ‘out’.]
    Soles of His feet on earth? “For I know that my Redeemer lives, and His feet will STAND on the earth in the latter day.” Job 19:25. Job knew what SDAs will not accept.

    Isaiah 63:1-2. Who is this that comes from Edom, in crimsoned garments from Bozrah, He that is glorious in His apparel, marching in the greatness of His strength? “It is I, announcing vindication, mighty to save.” Why is thy apparel red, and thy garments like His that treads in the winepress?
    “I have trodden the winepress alone, and from the people no one was with me; I trod them in my anger and trampled them in my wroth; their lifeblood is sprinkled upon my garments, and I have stained all my raiment. For the day of vengeance was in my heart, and my year of redemption has come. I looked but there was no one to help; I was appalled, but there was no one to uphold; so my own arm brought me victory, and my wrath upheld me. I trod down the peoples in my anger, I made them drunk in my wrath, and I poured out their lifeblood on the earth.”

    Okay, the temple is not mentioned here. But from Revelation we know that the ‘winepress of the wrath of God’, trumpet 7, is for those who accept the mark of the beast so as to buy and sell. Jealousy (Prov 6:34) provokes His raging wrath, so it will be something idolatrous. The image of 666 is the clue to, in various bibles, the puzzle or riddle. 0666 is the object (pinhole camera- wise) of the image 9990. In Latin 9990 is the number ICXC, and thick Catholic Books are available titled ICXC. So there! ICXC is the Latinized version of the Greek ICHTHOUS for ‘fish’. 0000666 is still 666.
    The above quotes are in the future as of now and both events are contemporaeous. The point is He is still coming from the east – on the occasion when He returns to the earth as our vindicator. Isaiah 63:1-2 complements and is not contrary to Ezekiel 43:1-6.
    The temple accordingly WILL exist.


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