Revelation Chapter 13, the Days in Which We Live PRTV 20150916

II. A second beast appears, – a lamb-like beast; subordinate to the former, but exercising his authority, and by force and fraud (spake as a dragon) causing men to worship the first beast.

At the close of the final edition of his Horae Apocalypticae about 1860, E. B. Elliot could not have guessed that America in the next century would develop to fulfill every description of the Lamb Like Earth Beast, including making an Image of the Sea Beast which Image has now fully begun to wield World Governing Authority under the auspices of the head wounded by the sword at the end of its 1260 year reign about 1798, but now healed of that wound since 1929.

On the union of Church and State taking place in the Roman Empire, we find in history the Vatican lost that temporal power ending its 1260 year dominion when Napolian’s General Berthier was left in charge of the army after the Treaty of Campo Formio. He was in this post in 1798 when he entered Italy, invaded the Vatican, organized the Roman republic, and took Pope Pius VI as prisoner back to Valence, France, where, after a torturous journey under Berthier’s supervision, the pope died, thus dealing a major blow to the Vatican’s political power. Revelation 13 prefigures this as a “wound by a sword” and records it, the head “did live” because later its “deadly wound was healed.” So the history fits perfectly with the symbol of the sword wound inflicted by military conquest.

The Lateran Treaty (Italian: Patti Lateranensi; Latin: Pacta Lateranensia) was one of the Lateran Pacts of 1929 or Lateran Accords, agreements made in 1929 between the Kingdom of Italy and the Holy See, settling the “Roman Question”. They are named after the Lateran Palace, where they were signed on February 11, 1929. Italy was then under a Fascist government, but the succeeding democratic governments have all since upheld the treaty. In 1947, the Lateran Pacts were incorporated into the democratic Constitution of Italy with recognition of the Vatican as an independent state, Prime Minister Benito Mussolini agreeing to give the church financial support in return for public support from the pope at the time.

The Vatican celebrates its re-ascendancy to sovereign state status every February, and now has treaties or Accords with almost every nation on Earth. As the Holy See she is prominent in policy making with Observer Status in the United Nations which is the Image of the First Beast created by the Second Beast, America. America as prophesied of the Earth Beast has since World War II acted as the worlds policeman, “exercising all the power of the First Beast before him” which power it is slowly transferring to the Image where the First Beast may vicariously continue its rule of the entire world until it goes into perdition as also demonstrated of the Mystery Babylon Image of Daniel Chapter two and confirmed at Rev. 18:21.

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2 thoughts on “Revelation Chapter 13, the Days in Which We Live PRTV 20150916”

  1. Have you researched or talked about Dispensationalism much? That seems to be the root of futurism view of prophecy and the rejection of old testament law. If you haven’t there are some good videos on youtube explaining the debate. Thanks for all your teachings from a historic view on prophecy.


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