7 thoughts on “The Dragon, Beast and False Prophet – Prophecy Reality 20151014”

  1. Those who say they are Jews, but are lying impostors, clearly are not the Jews Rev 3:9/2:9 Wolves in sheep’s clothing are lying impostors. The Pope interestingly wears a tonsure or skullcap. Who is he feigning to be? The Catholic Church famously declares itself the ‘one holy apostolic church’ (et unam sanctam catholicam) in the Nicene Creed. The practice of falsity with abomination is linked in Revelation 21:27.
    Revelation 2:2 talks of evil men falsely claiming to be apostles, therefore apostle impostors.
    The Old Testament only Jews do not claim to be apostles. Apostles necessarily belong to a New Testament Church. Those falsely clawing to be Jews are also a New Testament church that abides by neither the old or new testaments. In Roman Catholicism, Latin for the Virgin Mary is ‘Lucifer’ (Venus – Day Star Son of Dawn – morning star impostor. Isaiah 14:12 KJV and Rev 22:16).
    The Roman Catholic Church worships Lucifer as the Virgin Mary and vice versa. This church is therefore the Synagogue of Satan of Revelation 2:9 and Rev 3:9 and also of Rev 2:2.
    Jezebel of Revelation 2:20 encourages the eating of food offered in sacrifice to idols, which is communion before a crucifix, in the Mass. The Virgin Mary does likewise in her new role, courtesy of the Assumption/Ascension to heaven, of speaking from heaven.

    [Message to Nicklas: – as I typed the words UNAM SANCTAM CATHOLICAM as seen here, the computer wanted to capitalize the entirety of the words unless I rejected it. Try it.]


    1. Please add to ‘et unam sanctam CATHOLICAM’ its continuation ‘et APOSTOLICAM ECCLESIAM’. This means ‘and one holy Catholic and apostolic church’.


      1. And the same goes for any church that has the word ‘apostolic’ in its name. The NAR – New Apostolic Reformation would be a sucker for the so-called ‘one holy apostolic church’, or a derivative of that church.
        It’s aim would be to counter reform the reformation of yesteryear backwards to itself.


  2. Nicklas:

    There seems to be a distinct difference between those that were elected to be Disciples/Apostles than those that made up the early church as seen when the 5,000 believed and were baptized giving all their worldly processions away (clearly they became Disciples, or followers of Jesus). The details of the sermon preached was not given, but the outcome tells the story, they did what Christ instructed his Disciples to do. Therefore, they too may have been given the power and authority to heal and cast of devils, etc. Its clear that unlike the Disciples/Apostles, receiving the Holy Spirit, the early church did not. If they did, why did God through Jesus Christ send the 7 angles to the 7 churches?

    These churches neither healed the sick nor did they cast of devils, and clearly they lacked the Holy Spirit. What purpose they served I have yet determined through the scripture, whatever it is, it is part of Gods plan. It’s apparent that the STATE of the church is the same today, that they do not have the Holy Spirit, and they do not acknowledge Gods angels.

    This might help explain why there appears to be 100’s if not 1000’s of Holy Spirit floating around the State Churches today, all having different characters and messages. There is as many Holy Spirits as there are Jesus Christ, and none resemble what we see in the scripture.

    Also, I can’t find in the scripture where Jesus ever touch money at all, he did not have a job per se, he was not employed, he owned no property, and he had no inheritance, so why in Gods name would Christians believe that he owed or ever paid taxes? Which I believe would have trespassed against obedience to his Father.


  3. Also, I neglected to comment on your statement concerning restoring the temple (those that call themselves Jews and are not), through I may have missed all your comments. It is my understanding that Jesus did raise the temple in three days, that we are now the temple of God. Thanks, Aman


    1. oomaholynation. Whom do you mean by “we”. You yourself and who else? Jesus said that not a stone would be left on a stone, but the temple destroyed in 70 AD, has the wailing wall still standing stone upon stone. What goes here? Am I taking Jesus too literally?
      Or, was he talking about a third temple? If the human body is now the temple of God (as you say), then the gate facing East will be your right side only when you are pointed North, and your left side only if facing South. Isaiah 43:1-2.
      We would need to know which way to be facing, which side left or right is our east side gate, and above all WHEN to be facing that correct direction.
      None of this info has been provided by the Bible, except the answer to the question, “When?”


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