Who Put an End to the Sacrifice and Oblation in the Middle of the 70th Week w Tom Friess PRTV

And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease, and for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.
(Dan 9:27)

One thought on “Who Put an End to the Sacrifice and Oblation in the Middle of the 70th Week w Tom Friess PRTV”

  1. The only way to negotiate with the Catholic Church of Satan is via Isaiah 27:9, which is also how we negotiate with the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob to intervene for us, as Jesus has already ransomed us if we are ready to avail ourselves of that ransom. We certainly cannot avail ourselves of that ransom by resorting to Catholic statues called Jesus (in vain) and Mary. Those idols cannot save us and Jesus and the Father will simply sit back to see if they can – and of course they cannot (Isaiah 45:20-21). Such idols can be reduced to chalkstones which is what they are made of. Crucifixes are also idols which God calls scarecrows or strawmen. Jeremiah 10:5. I call the Pope’s personal crucifix ‘a stick insect’.
    Also, no good resorting to transubstantiation (Deuteronomy 32:38) also called wizardry and sorcery which are abominations. Catholics are sons of the sorceress calling their Pope ‘Il Papa’. Isaiah 57:3 But you draw near hither sons of the sorceress, offspspring of the adulterer (idolatry) and the harlot (Babylon). [into the winepress of his wrath of God for partaking of transubstantiation, poking tongues out to do it, at God. Isaiah 57:3-4 RSV.
    Tom Friess said he should be praised, and not hated. Interesting that Judah means ‘praise’ but it is the gentile Catholic Church of Satan, that is praised instead. Read on.
    Jeremiah 51:41. “How Babylon is taken, the praise of the whole earth seized! How Babylon has become a horror among the nations!
    Psalm 73:9-10. They set their mouths against the heavens, and their tongue struts through the earth [even into the White House]. Therefore the people turn and praise them; and find no fault in them. [Newspapers cannot / will not denigrate and criticize this evil on earth that reigns over the kings of the earth. Revelation 17:18. That would be treason against the Papal Caesar ‘Pontifex Maximus’ and Satan, his God of this earth.]
    No one can say the Jews are praised ( ‘Judah’ is Hebrew for ‘praise’). They are despised by this anti-Semitic world because the 5th Kingdom of Daniel that will rule in peace for evermore, never to be overturned will be ruled by the ‘Lion of the tribe of Judah’ Rev 5:5, for the sceptre belongs to Judah Genesis 49:10, namely Jesus Christ of the throne of David Psalm 89:29/Luke 1:32.
    He will tread the winepress of the wrath of God Gen 49:11/Isa 63:2-4.
    Consequently, a correction is inevitable to repair this upside down anomaly. This is how it takes place: – Isaiah 62:6-7 Upon your walls O Jerusalem, I have set watchmen; all the day and all the night they shall never be silent. You who put the LORD in remembrance, take no rest, and give Him no rest until He establishes Jerusalem and makes it a PRAISE in the earth.


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