Why I dont Celebrate any-Mass, X-Mass or Otherwise.prtv.20151223

Horae Apocalypticae 2015


3 thoughts on “Why I dont Celebrate any-Mass, X-Mass or Otherwise.prtv.20151223”

  1. Well said. We cleared, demolished and built a 70 metre barb wire fence line on December 25th, down a high hilly slope, while nosey neighbours were off the scene for the pagan Saturnalia.
    I did not agree with the familiar take on Jeremiah 10:3 you gave, especially since it has been brought to your attention before. Nailing has something to do with a crucifix idol or idols. Some figurine feature fastened by nailing to a piece of crafted wood, sometimes metal, being brass or silver or gold. Read in context to Jeremiah 10:5 RSV we find God, in most bible translations (but not the KJV), derisively likening this abomination to a scarecrow. I believe Americans use the word ‘strawman’ for scarecrow.
    Now, as I have invited you to do once before, please google ‘images of scarecrows’ to find that scarecrows are mighty like crucifixes in shape. There is no doubt that worshipping the way of the heathen involves the idolatrous crucifix, one of the two essential requirements for the Catholic Mass – the other requirement being an altar (and stepped at that unbiblically). So says the Catholic Encyclopaedia.
    This is not to be read as in support of Christmas Trees. I too believed the obvious error sold by false prophets for years that Jeremiah 10:2-5 was a Christmas Tree. However, Christmas is a Catholic holy day of obligation, whereby attendance at Mass or midnight mass is compulsory for Catholics. This is one of the ‘feasts of mirth’ of Hosea 2:11 RSV hence the greeting precede by ‘Merry’. [You will also see ‘her sabbaths’ which are Sundays not to be confused with what God calls ‘My Sabbaths’. Mentioned also are ‘her new moons’ which would be their pagan Happy New Year – not a new moon at all but the Feastday for The Solemnity of Mary the Mother of God.]
    I learnt of the error and discovered the truth when reading Jeremiah 10:2-5 RSV and was persuaded to google ‘images of scarecrows’ then go back over the words which read fastened with nails. Was not Jesus nailed to the cross and thereby fastened? The devil has cleverly used the event as an occasion for promotion of idolatrous idols and graven images called ‘Stations of the Cross’. “You eat flesh with the blood (communion) and lift up your eyes to your idols” at the Mass. Jeremiah 33:25. This provokes God’s Jealous wrath/rage. Psalm 79:5 and Proverbs 6:34 and Deuteronomy 32:16,17,21
    Now, look behind you Nicklas where I believe you will see a white silhouette of a strawman or scarecrow. I hope you take this good naturedly.


    1. Furthermore, I’ve never seen Christmas trees fastened with hammer and nails. Jeremiah 10:4. They usually stand in a large earthenware pot of dirt. I would say Christmas trees come under the category of “keeping traditions of men”, and we know which church is steeped in tradition – the false Roman Catholic Apostolic New Testament synagogue of satan. Rev 2:2/2:9/3:9.
      Quote from Wikipedia: – The Vatican Christmas tree, also called the St Peter’s Square Christmas Tree, is the decorated tree that is erected annually in the St Peter’s Square directly in front of St Peter’s Basilca in the Vatican City. The ‘tradition’ of placing a Christmas Tree as well as the life-size Nativity Scene in St Peter’s Square started in 1982 during the pontificate of Pope John Paul II.
      End quote. So it seems for the Roman Catholic Church, it is a fairly recent tradition, accepted from the symbolic traditions of Poland and Northern Europe. It is definitely not discouraged by them.


  2. Thank you for your commentary, I appreciate your testimony and information provided. As for as calling myself a Christian, well all things considered I no longer carry the label. None of the Apostles or Disciples of Christ did so, so it must not be a requirement to become a follower (servant) of Jesus. Thank God!

    The shoe used to fit, but somehow my feet don’t anymore…As far as being a Catholic if one does not call themselves a Protestor (protestant), again, none of the apostles and Disciples of Christ protested against the anti-Christ…as practicing what the preached. Now you may be referring to being ‘classified’ or ‘homogenized’ by civil/political authorities or groups. Just like States that seek to control a Temple of God though legislation of what they term an ‘Unincorporated Non Profit Association’ for all non incorporated servants of Jesus/God. Which I do ‘protest’ against, so I guess I am a protestor against State control or authority of God’s work, but as far as being a Catholic, or anti-Christ protestor, I am not a Catholic at all. That is if a Protestant is a Catholic that’s protesting against pagan religious or non scripture protocols…(doctrines)

    As far as being sanctified, or being a Saint, well the scripture tells us who is and is not a Saint, they are those that keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ. The scripture also tells use how to become a man of God made perfect. Which simple means that a man of God is thoroughly furnished unto all good works. Which if followed is the process of sanctification… So, by scriptural definition I am a Saint, not sinless, but made perfect.

    You can call yourself anything you like, by your given name or after some religion group like Christianity, but to identify oneself with a group of people that are willfully wicked, that do not seek Christ face, and will not repent, that comment evil deeds without commendation or conviction of conscience. That would be like calling yourself an abortionist, or a sodomite.

    Many so-called Christians do identify themselves whole heartedly with such atrocities and abominations. Just like believing the State is God, that State marriage is everything righteous and holly, if that’s the case they should have their god resurrect legal ‘marriage’…Because it’s dead, the Supreme Court sacrificed legal ‘marriage’ on the cross of licensed same-sex unions. Now let’s see if the States can resurrect legal ‘marriage; as defined in their Constitutions. If they can do that then I can call down fire from heaven to consume them.

    I have concluded that there isn’t anything about Christianity that should be preserved or adopted by one who believes in and followers Jesus Christ. Just like Christ mass, just because it refers to Christ does not make it righteous, more often as not, the inclusion of the title is only meant to deceive and take one captive. A believer has access to everything Christians sell in the scripture, without becoming an item in commerce. Everyone in the world has free access to salvation, rather than becoming a Christian, they can become a child of God. ‘Christian’ and ‘child of God’ are not synonyms…

    I would rather be called a son of God…as implied through God’s word.

    So if one day Jesus asks me if I am a Christian, I would be very weary to say ‘yes LORD’. Instead, I will shut my mouth and I believe that the Holy Spirit would tell Him that I once thought I was and, I had been accused of being one once or twice in my lifetime, but that I understood that God’s people were told to come out of her, so he obeyed YOUR voice. And he’s very appreciative of YOU telling him to do so… And if I’m consumed, well, I know Jesus did so out of love.

    As far as people leaving you, that’s probably not the case, but when you come out of Her, I’m sure everyone will forgive you and still love you like a brother.

    Your testimony was well received.

    Thanks for listening,

    Aman (Adam to Israel)
    Temple Ministry


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