Prophecy Reality Livestream July 2016

Which Rapture do you believe in? Is the Resurrection a different choice? Protestants knew who the Anti-Christ was for hundreds of years, Now Evangelicals don’t have a clue! Why? When will the Monetary Mark Of The Beast be introduced? What will you do when it is? How will you know it? Do you already have it? If so, will you recant and withdraw? How many years until the 7th Millennium begins? Can you endure? We seek the answers to all these questions and do not believe God’s Holy Spirit will leave us ignorant. Join me every Wednesday morning and lets open God’s Word and find the answers.

2 thoughts on “Prophecy Reality Livestream July 2016”

  1. Genesis 1:18 the fourth day, conflicts with Genesis 1:4 the first day, because it duplicates it.
    The first day begins Genesis 1:3 with the words: ‘And God said’.
    Genesis 1:1 “in the beginning” precedes the evening and morning of the first day of creation commencing at Genesis 1:3. The difference could involve a vast chasm of time.
    The spinning earth and its revolution around the Sun and the Moon’s orbit of the earth is explained in Genesis 1:14 by the signs, seasons and days ( and months – not mentioned but regulated by the moon) which require it spinning daily, and orbiting the Sun yearly. The regulation and harmony moves like clockwork. Do the days spin the earth? Or does the earth spinning, cause the days. The answer is obvious. Likewise the year does not cause the earth to orbit the Sun. The earth orbits the Sun in the timespan of the year, and thereby the seasons do follow. The winds along the equator spin opposite each other because the equator is the spinning seam of the top called earth which spins one revolution per day. The speed of this Eastern rotation is about 25,000 miles per day approximately, or 1000 miles per hour. The diameter of the earth being 8,000 miles. The Sun seems to move oppositely, to the West at 1,000mph roughly covering 25,000 miles in 24 hours, one day.
    The bible does not say, or support the notion that the earth is flat and motionless, hangs on a string and does not have an x and a y-axis, being latitude and longitude, described as North, South, East and West. At the International date line it is possible to step backwards or forwards a 24-hour day, just by stepping over it eastward or westward. This is not time travel.
    At Genesis 1:2 the spirit or wind of God moved over the waters in the beginning before the first day. Lightless and heatless, these waters would have been ice, and the created earth would have been like a solid rock of ice. The Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere or firmament would have been dry ice. Oxygen and Nitrogen and other gases would become solids also as the temperature approached -273 degrees Kelvin which is the same as -273 degrees centigrade, at which point nothing much is known. There would be no atmosphere with no energy for heat.
    The Sun, Moon and stars were only created on the fourth day to provide energy to keep water liquid, instead of ice. I believe the spirit of God moved over the waters just prior to the commencement of His creation epic, as He would not find such a dark cold arid place to his liking for a permanent abode.


    1. Zero degrees Kelvin equals – 273 degrees Centigrade. Zero degrees Centigrade equals + 273 degrees Kelvin. Aside from that difference, each degree rise on the Kelvin scale equals one degree rise in temperature on the Centigrade scale. Essentially they are the same excepting for the different zero reference point. So that corrects the obvious slip written above.


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