Tribulation Timeline – Cross The Border

Tribulation of those days – Mat.24

Last 40 years before the
Seventh Millennium Begins.

Mid Tribulation Events
Pseudo 70th Week of Daniel
play begins with treaty to
build Jewish Temple.
Seven Year Tribulation Deception
ends with no rapture and the
introduction of the True Anti-Christ
and his final dominion.
Mark of the Beast Inquisitions
introduced to ferret out those who
will not comply with the
New World Social Economic Order.

End of Tribulation
Era ends with the destruction of Mystery Babylon,
the Battle of Armageddon, and the
Resurrection of the Saints both Dead and living,
with the Return of Jesus for the
Millennial Reign.

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4 thoughts on “Tribulation Timeline – Cross The Border”

  1. Here is the video that has me looking some things up:

    They are trying to sell a book. Says that America is Mystery Babylon, and Obama is the king of the south and Putin the king of the north… My take is that they are taking scripture out of context to scare people into thinking America will be destroyed in 1 day; before the inaguration of the next president in January.


    1. This video is a good example of cut and paste eschatology, but a very bad example of sound interpretation. The same interpretation method used here is also used to divine a flat earth and the 3 raptures from the Bible. You can use the words of the dictionary to write anything you want – you can also use various phrases and verses from the Bible to support any supposition you want and that’s exactly what they have done in this video.


  2. Nicklas, can you explain Mystery Babylon? There are some who say it’s speifically the United States. They say the United States will be destroyed soon. Your take?


    1. Mystery Babylon is aptly and explicitly described in Daniel Ch. 2 and it is not a singular nation by any means. 2018 will come and go… you will see.


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