Daniel 70 Weeks Challenge & Jesuit Corrupted Text – PRTV

There are two different interpretations of the Daniel Seventy Weeks Prophecy. One is the Literal or Historical View which holds that the 70 weeks are contiguous and therefore completely fulfilled at the first century. The more popular is the Futurist View of the Left Behind fiction fame, which holds that the 70 weeks are contiguous except for the last, or 70th week which is preceded by an “interval or gap” of an undetermined amount of time. I used to believe in the Futurist Gap View, without really understanding it because I just accepted what I was taught by men who surely understood the bible better than any layman.
Jesuit corrupted text: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLhmAbEGx-AnT8VmEOfkIc4U8Zx7cozYEv

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