Prophecy Reality News Live with Tom Friess – Anti-Christ celebrates 500 yrs. of Reformation?

7 thoughts on “Prophecy Reality News Live with Tom Friess – Anti-Christ celebrates 500 yrs. of Reformation?”

  1. Boy, Tom really made an impact in this show! The Lord did the same thing for me and I don’t understand either but know that it is true. I cry every day in thanksgiving. However, my brother is lost in the catholic church. When I try to talk to him, he looks at me like I have four heads. I know what he means. He doesn’t understand why I’ve given up salvation through the catholic church. I’ve learned so much over this decade that I don’t know where to begin with him. I’ve tried many times. Please pray for Ron that the scales come off his eyes. God bless.


    1. Jan. It is their fear of the flames that keeps them in bondage. You can read all about this in 1 John, 2 John, 3 John.
      Other than that you face an uphill battle, like a rocket scientist conversing with pre-school children. They are not aware of the treasure that awaits them through the sifted knowledge of the bible.
      Do you know the doctrines of the Immaculate Conception and the Assumption. First of all get first hand knowledge of exactly what they are. Don’t assume you know. The Immaculate Conception is not what you think, and maybe not even what your brother may think, even if he is well grounded in the Catholic Catechism. The Assumption is exactly that – assumed, but dogmatically assumed. An assumption is just an educated guess, but not always. The important thing to look for here is that to a Catholic, the word ‘assumed’ has come to mean ‘ascended’. So the Assumption of the BVM into heaven, is understood to be in reality, the Ascension of the BVM into heaven. From where this image speaks powerfully to believers – because it is from on high.
      There are two Luciferian chapters in the bible. One is Isaiah Chapter 14. The second is Ezekiel Chapter 28 about the “king of Tyre”.
      Isaiah Chapter 14:14 says: ‘I will ascend above the heights of the clouds, I will make myself like the Most High.’ As Mary is regarded by the Catholic Church as Co-Redemptrix, she herself is made like and equal to the Most High. This is the doctrine of the Assumption with its feast day August 15th. (recall Assumption-Ascension.) it is also the feastday for Lucifer.
      This is what God says: ‘To whom then will you liken God, or what likeness compare with him? The idol ! a workman casts it, and a workman overlays it with gold, and casts for it silver chains. Isaiah 40:18-19. This idol would have to be rosary beads because they are on a chain. Also Isaiah 46:5.
      Ezekiel 28:15 says: ‘You were blameless in your ways from the day you were created, . . . . . ‘ This means she was without what Catholics call ‘original sin’ from the instant of her conception in her mothers womb – stainless, without spot of sin, from the moment of her conception, and without sin all the days of her life. She is ‘full of wisdom’, meaning ‘infallible’ ex coelestia. She is ‘perfect in beauty’ – tota pulchra. Both of these in Ezekiel 28:11. This is the feast of the Immaculate Conception with its feastday the 8th December.
      The Pope sings hymns to her under the name of ‘Lucifer’ pronounced ‘Luchifer’, in Latin High Masses. It is important to understand that to the Catholic Church, Lucifer was the name of Satan before the fall, therefore in and from Elysium, Paradise, Eden.(words of An Die Freude to music of Ode To Joy – the EU national anthem). Ezekiel 28:13. He/she was not infallible meaning ‘unfallable’. The EU national anthem is to a ‘godless in her shrine’.
      I hope this helps, but in my experience Catholics are too secular to show any interest. Religion contains ‘ligo’ to bind. It ties zealots down as a means of control. They are not free.
      I am not interested in religions therefore, because they are out to ensnare and entrap people, to stop them thinking for themselves. Nothing is more dangerous than a thinking person to the Roman Catholic Church. It interferes with their world order agenda. To me, the Bible is a Way of life, with the statutes and ordinances for my personal Constitution which bans covenanting with other nations in the form of a United Nations at Deuteronomy 7:2.
      I believe the Roman Church legislates its authority and dictates through the UN. Revelation 13:7


      1. He/she was not infallible, and was proud because of her beauty and splendour. This corrupted her wisdom or unfallability, so she was cast to the ground. Ezekiel 28:17. She he or it fell. It is important to know that Lucifer/Satan is neither male nor female, not even both, as a hermaphrodite. If the one-third of rebellious angels, could reproduce they would be multiplying rapidly to outnumber the two-thirds of non rebellious angels. The rebellious angels are led by the blazing falling star Wormwood which has for its botanical name Artemis, another female mythological ‘god’. Maybe Satan has the long hair of a woman and the beard of a man, or bearded woman look of Aphrodites. Satan is neither he nor she. Satan is an ‘it’.
        This brings me to the ‘Virgin daughter of Babylon’ who was also, or, one and the same, cast down to the ground and made to sit in the dust like a serpent. Either way, he or she or it, was not infallible or even unfallable – but fell at the ‘fall’. Isaiah 47:1.


        1. Further to what I have said, Satan reproductively speaking is a ‘viirgin’. Like him, clergy of the catholic church also do not marry, supposedly keeping them as virgins. But that doctrine itself, is a doctrine of demons, forbidding marriage. 1 Timothy 4:1-3.
          Lucifer is unfallen Satan. Satan was Lucifer before he rebelled, but only ‘if’ he had that Latin name, which is doubtful. But that is Rome’s claim.
          As Lucifer cannot reproduce, all the rubbish about the Nephilim being his children – the mighty men of renown – is discredited too.
          The only way a person can make Lucifer their ‘father’ is by living apart from God’s Way and living Lucifer’s way keeping the ‘feasts of mirth’ associated with the words ‘merry’ and ‘happy’, and believing his doctrines and practising idolatry, especially that urged by Jezebel, the harlot Roman Church, of ‘eating food (communion) offered (Offertory – part of the Mass) in sacrifice (Mass) to idols (crucifixes)’. Revelation 2:20.
          This is how the Catholic synagogue of Satan conjoins or weds itself, and you, to Satan, becoming His and that Vatican Church’s child which calls its parent ‘Father’.
          Such a child is called offspring of the harlot (church) in this manner: – “. . . . sons of the sorceress (transubstantiation), offspring of the adulterer and harlot. Isaiah 57:3.
          Also, this partaking of idolatrous communion, as described, is called ‘learning the deep things of Satan’ or. ‘the deep secrets (the Secret – part of the Mass) of Satan’. Rev 2:24.

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  2. Would you share that reference with your audience on Guinness’ disclosure on Christian prayer for the restrainer, pagan Rome? I read that book too but can’t remember specifically either. Thank you.


  3. Good show but I am still skeptical of Baldwin. He may be controlled opposition. What is his position on Israel? Does he think there is a separate dispensation for Israel and one for the church? The deception is so thick these days that I trust nothing but my Bible. Thanks for the great shows. I appreciate your work.


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