Who Has Ears to Hear

He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; He that overcometh shall not be hurt of the second death. (Rev 2:11)

I received this email from a listener, some one who gets it:


I have completed reading “The Rapture Will Be Canceled”. It is very good, the chapters go by rather fast once getting into it.

I think all activists that are protesting the state of Israel should read this book, it’s a must I think. And they should also read Barry Chamish’s work. I learned much the last couple months watching Prophecy Reality / FAR on YouTube, starting to discern more the hatred towards Israel, the “Jews”, and the reverence of them from American Evangelicals.

I’m still rather new to understanding all of this, but your book and listening to Prophecy Reality, well I feel foolish over previous thoughts/opinions, it has helped to fine tune my understanding. I have also listened to Tom Friess, and it’s very clear that the Rapture is false, a deception; that the antichrist has always been the Papacy. There is a rumor that Chuck Missler is a Freemason. And I heard the following quote from an old William Cooper HOTT broadcast:

“Because in my research I have found that most of the theologians in the Protestant religion of all denominations who were responsible for this doctrine of the rapture are Freemasons and they are in control of the World Council of Churches. They are responsible for the bringing together of the different religions in the World Council of Churches to attempt to merge them all into one and then change the doctrine to the New World Religion.”

While reading your book, I came to the conclusion that in a nutshell, Zionism is Jesuit Futurism. I’m not sure if this is a correct conclusion.
Things started to add up when I was close to finishing reading your book. I liked how you referenced Barry Chamish in the first chapters.
I understand that there are problems with Eric Phelps, but between reading VA, and the completion of reading your book, it seems that the modern state of Israel was designed to corral, to destabilize the mid-east, to ultimately set the stage for the one world religion. I think you said it that it was to get all the Protestants that are falling for the Rapture, to have them accept Catholicism when the Rapture doesn’t come to pass.

And I think part of the tactic behind it is to make biblical Christianity look ridiculous. Christians debating Rapture doctrine, dueling scriptures, just like many are doing with the idiotic flat earth revival.

As I have said, I’m new to all of this, including bible study. And I think you are probably the best in bible ministry. I really liked the Key to the Apocalypse videos. When you brought up the Sabbath, that the churches have it wrong. It’s good to know. I was ignorant thinking SDA’s were correct, they are very good at quoting Rome changing of the Sabbath day to Sunday, but they are both fighting over Roman Calendar days. In thinking that Saturday is the true Sabbath, is still rendering unto Caesar what is God’s. It’s really absurd to proclaim that Saturday is the true sabbath when it’s a day assigned on a Roman Solar calendar named after a pagan deity. I don’t mean to go overboard, but your teachings impressed me. I was dumbfounded when I realized how ridiculous the Sabbath debate is. It’s Lunar based, and the Sabbath became Jesus when he resurrected, that the day would matter not to him because he is the Savior, the Sabbath, if I understand correctly.

A shame that so many people are caught up in this Rapture deception. Freemasons subverting Protestant churches to a 15th century Jesuit doctrine. The more I think about it, I probably should unsubscribe from channels that insist on pushing the deception. There are some informative channels on YouTube that expose the Jesuits, but then insist pushing the Rapture as truth. At this point, I think they know what they are doing, that they’re slick at deception. I think I did hear in an Eric Phelps interview, that he said something like if Dispensation is a Jesuit doctrine, so be it type of attitude.

I see it on channels like Paul Begely, hordes of people crying out for a rapture. It’s sad. And these guys make a ton of money, and these people that are waiting for the Rapture could be a lot of help to others. I want to do this kind of stuff, research, and inform people to the truth. And it’s hard. I’ve been into researching the Vatican New World Order for a year now, and didn’t dive into the bible much until the last few months, I’m up to the book of Job now in the Geneva Bible. But these people who have been Christians all their lives, there are so many people in this world, so many activists, that don’t know the truth, and these Christians could be witnessing to them. The Rapture nonsense more than likely turns a lot of people away, when they see Christians in a scripture battle over the Rapture, over the flat earth.

Anyways, I apologize for typing so much. I’ll get around to reading Horae Apocalypticae. I would like to read the upcoming book you are about to release.

Thanks again for your awesome ministry.

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