A Strange Prophecy Conference – Prophecy Reality News

From: Nicklas Arthur June 7, 2017

To: R. C. Sproul
Ligonier Ministries
421 Ligonier Ct.
Sanford, FL 32771

Dear Sir,

When I was battling within my spirit the whole idea of the “new apostolic reformation” – “experiential church” movement I found the Strange Fire Conference. The apprehension that I felt in my spirit was confirmed by these teachers with sound exegesis, doctrine and the Word of God. The Strange Fire Conference was a sound blast from the wall of God’s reformed church, a true call from God’s watchmen on the wall. We have been warned!

There is another movement out there, perhaps even more damaging, because it crosses lines between the true and the false christian. It comforts with a false comfort that forgets, and even defies church history, without which defiance it could not even exist. It is built solely upon presumption and conjecture, and upon the foundation laid of a 16th century Jesuit Priest, Fransisco Ribera. I speak of Futurism. A method of interpretation that is strange to history, strange to sound interpretation, exegesis and doctrine. It is strange to the Word of God.

Unlike the historical method of interpretation in the reformed church, it even defies verification as it is entirely speculative. It has one purpose, and that is to seduce the church into a great end-time delusion that vindicates the identity of the historical and biblical Man of Sin, and places that identity on a singular individual speculated to appear for a few fleeting years immediately before the return of Christ and the establishment of His millennial kingdom.

This wall of false prophecy is nearly complete and of course will come tumbling down because of untempered mortar. It is time for God’s true teachers to withdraw or be crushed. It is time for God’s true church to pick up where the reformed fathers left off in historical interpretation and finish the wall they began to build with tempered mortar. A wall founded upon sound interpretation verified by the witness of church history as it has unfolded to this very day and will continue until all is fulfilled.

I have sent a small book to each of you, When The Third Temple is Built, directly from the printer. I have sent this book to you with this following letter because of the impression that you made upon me with your Strange Fire Conference, hoping that the same sound principles could be applied to this matter. I hope that you will take the time to honestly consider the things exposed there. I would like to see the “Strange Prophecy Conference” in the not too distant future. The time is at hand. I pray you will agree. Thank you for your kind consideration,

His Servant only,

Nicklas Arthur

cc: Tom Pennington, John MacArthur, Steve Lawson, Nathan Busenitz, Phil Johnson, Todd Friel, Justin Peters.

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