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Throughout history, history has proven prophecy to be true, verified by history itself. How convenient to come up with an interpretation that cannot be verified by history because it does not take place on earth! Unlike all of the rest of historical prophecy this interpretation (The Investigative Judgement) is absolutely useless, and like futurism is a total speculation. Speculation cannot be verified. This is only one reason why SDA’s are not truly Historicist or Protestant.

Now many of the Seventh Day Adventist and the Millerites who preceded them, that whole movement, well they were relying on a 2300 year interpretation for the 2300 day prophecy. Now I’ve searched it, and I’ve studied it, and I prayed about the 2300 days prophecy, and I can find no end for the cleansing of the temple in history except in Ezra chapter 6. When the temple was rebuilt it required the ceremonial cleansing of the temple before they could commence the sacrifice in the second temple. So I have to put the end there in literal days, but because I can’t quite decipher what the beginning of it was or it doesn’t seem to fit with the record of secular history as I know it, or as I’m able to uncover it, doesn’t mean that I get to turn it into 2300 years and make it end in 1844. Which is what the Millerites did, and then somehow, they determined that Jesus would return at the same time:

It was known as The Great Disappointment. The real error here would be to mistake this failed speculation for Historicism, which is exactly what our antagonist does!

When I read that text of the prophecy, it is evident it had nothing to do with the return of Christ. That was just a total fabrication, assumption, or speculation by the Millerites and others, who said that Christ would return in 1844. But out of that movement came the Seventh Day Adventist Church, and they said: Oh well, we were just wrong as to the event! Basically, Christ didn’t return but instead, they said the temple was cleansed by Christ in heaven, and then their Prophetess invented a whole new heretical doctrine, The Investigative Judgment, as a cornerstone of their new denomination, the Seventh Day Adventist Church.

But see here’s the problem, here is where they diverge from Historicism: In Historicism you look for an actual fulfillment in history to verify your prophecy, you don’t invent a fulfillment in heaven where no one can verify it! That’s not Historicism and that’s why I say the SDA Church is not Historicist and neither are they Protestant, because they don’t believe that when Jesus said, it is finished, that it was finished, because now they’ve got Jesus going to work in a temple in Heaven, cleansing the temple to continue the work of salvation. That’s why I call it a heresy, and I call it The Transubstantiation of the Seventh Day Adventist Church! Come out of her my people, that’s what I would say, come over to true Bible interpretation and the true Historicist method.

We should always look for fulfillment in history first, for verification; rather than to first go off into speculation. There is a certain amount of speculation that may be necessary, like those that were coming to the end of the 1260 years, the Reformers and the Puritans reasoned and actually wrote, well this was the beginning because we have a verified beginning point in history, so we can speculate an ending point. And they were correct, but they could not conceive it until they were well into or near the end of it, they did not just make something up out of whole cloth like the Seventh Day Adventist and the Futurist.

Because of this, I have to put the Futurists in the same class as the Seventh Day Adventists with their interpretation of the 2300 days prophecy as years, as being the cleansing of the temple in heaven: they both rely on total speculation. Because we have no way of verifying it that can be shown in history books, because it is entirely a speculation which does not even happen on earth, but is supposedly fulfilled in heaven, and we have only the word of the prophetess Ms. White! So, the same thing applies for Futurism because it’s always a future Antichrist, they don’t have to prove they are right because it’s pure speculation that is only fulfilled after they are raptured. But we all have to wait to prove them wrong, which is an impossibility. Say, what a comfortable position for the futurists and their speculation, we now have to wait for an actual temple or something like it to be built over in Jerusalem, before we can prove them wrong.

One thought on “SDA Church is Neither Historicist or Protestant – Prophecy Reality News Live”

  1. Interesting arguments. I know quite a few people no are or were in the sda Church. Unfortunately the legalistic view on things has lead to some relatives leaving the faith entirely.


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