2 thoughts on “Alien Invasion Pt.2, Rule of the Immortals”

  1. Admin. This link is for ww. Portion of the space station includes a solar cell in the picture, indicating this photo of earth is taken from it high above the atmosphere. The thin blue blurry film around the perimeter of the curve is the atmosphere, same colour as seen by us on a blue sky sunny day. The scales in regards to measurement could be determined mathematically, but I’m not going to do that.
    ww can do that work, if he wants to be more convinced, that this is for real or false. The earth is a circle whether viewed from north south east or west, and from above and below.

    Here is Irma viewed from the space station.


    Otherwise google images of Hurricane Irma from the Space Station.

    The bible misses out on words like Hydrogen bomb – the sky rolled up like a scroll, president – your elected chosen king, bridge – sits over many waters Revelation 17:1 meaning Pontifex Maximus the title of the Caesars taken on by Pontiff Popes self seen as Caesars today, and above all SPHERE or GLOBE or PLANET. or BALL. These are not Hebrew, but modern terminologies. But what is meant is described from more ancient times. (John saw and described a Hydrogen bomb – the sky rolled up like a scroll, when it was unimaginable. Otherwise he was a vey intuitive and visionary science fiction writer like Jules Verne.)
    But a circle from every direction is explanatory of the same terms.
    You can have a circular circle volume wise – a sphere or globe or ball. There is also volumetrically speaking a square or rectangular circle – a cylinder, which is another modern term not found in the bible.
    If the earth were to be a square circle from the Hebrew. That would not be – ‘impossible’, that would be ‘cylindrical’. Volumetric earth, not area earth. 3-dimensional not 2-dimensional. You can’t get volume from area. You need that extra dimension.
    Please make allowances for deficiencies in the Hebrew translated deficiently thereby. Today’s horse and cart is a car, with wheels for hooves or heels and a motor for horsepower. The snake that bites the heels (speeding fine) is the long arm of the law tribe of Dan (Hebrew for He judges). The rider is the fined driver who falls backwards financially. The prominent Irish name Danny is still popular as is ‘ O Danny Boy ‘ the well known Irish folk song. Genesis 49:17
    Sometimes metaphor describes the difference from age to age best.


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