8 thoughts on “Daniel Ott interviews Nicklas Arthur”

  1. It seemed like Ott got frustrated because Nicklas was not feeding his fringe audience any lies. You will be blessed, Nicklas….because you stood up to the mockery for Jesus Christ’s sake. We need to pray that this Cosmic Cowboy (Ott) has a truly cosmic (heavenly) light bulb moment, by His grace.

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  2. I kind of feel sorry for Ott. He’s obviously chasing ghosts and not really realizing it. Hopefully he’ll re-listen to this interview several times and begin to wake up to the real battles surrounding us. You did great Nicklas and your closing remarks were perfect for his show!

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  3. Sort of interesting go for the first 15 minutes and this guy just got stuck on extra terrestrial aliens and I had shut it off. Nice job preaching the truth without all of the speculation and hyperbole.

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    1. If anyone at all got reached it would not be a waste of time, which I pray is the case. I hope to do more shows like this. thank you for your prayers and kind words.

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  4. 30 minutes in, and this Daniel Ott clearly does NOT know his Bible…does he even read the Bible? You did well to field some very ignorant questions, Nicklas! I am right there with ya…want to come against the delusion people are under and to have them know the Truth of the scriptures! Thanking Yah for your ministry and all you teach 🙂

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    1. makes me wanna have my own radio show…this guy is absolutely ridiculous! The questions he asked are utter nonsense and not relevant at all! Seems he is sensational and that brings in his followers.

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