History of Protestantism 01 Chapters 1&2 v1.b1

Chapter 1. Protestantism. The Seed of Arts, Letters, Free States, &c. — Its History a Grand Drama — Its Origin — Outside Humanity — A Great Creative Power — Protestantism Revived Christianity;
Chapter 2. Decline of the Early Christian Church.
Early Triumphs of the Truth — Causes — The Fourth Century — Early Simplicity lost — The Church remodeled on the Pattern of the Empire — Disputes regarding Easter-day — Descent of the Gothic Nations — Introduction of Pagan Rites into the Church — Acceleration of Corruption — Inability of the World all at once to receive the Gospel in its greatness.

What Is Protestantism?

Protestantism is a principle – it is anti-rebellion – it is a protest against tyranny – it is protagonist. Tyranny on the other hand is that principle which, by rebelllion against God, puts one man or confederation of men in the place of God over others – It is antagonist; It is anti-Christ.
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The Reformation Sabbath Controversy Settled

Would you slander the entire Reformation, all of the Reformation Fathers, and the 100s of millions of martyred Protestants who gave their lives, simply to uphold a desire to impose the Hebrew or Saturday Sabbath on the New Testament church? God was not surprised, His Reformation Witnesses accomplished exactly what He wanted them to; exactly what He foretold they would; They did not fail! Continue reading The Reformation Sabbath Controversy Settled