5 thoughts on “Property Taxes Public Schools 911 and the Mark of the Beast”

  1. Nicholas: Since new legislation is dubious to say the least, in the meantime to get out of having to pay property tax; it might be best to transfer your property to Jesus Christ, as being the true and beneficial owner of the property while naming yourself his Steward: When accomplished, then challenge the authority of State/County to tax God’s property. That would work if you understood and believed that your “household”, Christ in the midst thereof, is the true “church” of the living God in His new covenant under the Godhead. I intend to do this after the home I dwell in is finally paid off!


  2. Nicholas: I hope you don’t mind a series of comments, I do so by reason of the content of this post! I share your concerns towards property assessment tax here in Arkansas; over the years I contemplated taking it to the Legislature in an attempt to pass new law that would deem those who have lived in their homes for fifteen years being “vested”; no longer being subject to paying property tax on their home, until such time the home is sold or ownership is transferred. Selling the idea would be the promote home ownership in the State, by making people feel as though they could, in some way, actually own their homes one day in obtaining the American dream, and not lose their home if somehow unable to pay the tax …Coupled with the idea that people would flock to the State to purchase homes; whereby maintaining and even exceeding existing revenues. Perhaps no better campaign promise exists to secure votes to win an election!


  3. Interesting topics, yet, due to present day condition bound to fall on deaf ears of those made spoil. Intriguing, you know the organization you attend is not a church; yet you attend anyway: And you tithe, giving God’s money to the State. It’s as though you didn’t know what a church is. And perhaps you don’t, perhaps it’s just an opportunity to be around other people? I considered doing the same thing in search of a wife … I agree with your sentiments concerning egregious property tax, which are more so when not paid. Interesting, we still live in the aftermath of the civil war…


    1. The people are the church. The organization is not. I do not tithe to the church, I give more than a tenth elsewhere as I indicated. I give a very small offering weekly at the church meeting because the Gospel is preached there and the pastor actually works another job to support himself.


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