2 thoughts on “Discussion with Pastor Steve Miller, Lubbock TX, Futurism and Historicism pt.2”

  1. Well it seems as though your second Lubbock radio session didn’t go as well as the first, and it could be that my comment might end up the same if considered an unwelcomed spam. But I assure you I am real, and that I’ve been taught the mystery concerning Daniel 9:27, ‘in the midst of the week’. Not that it would help you sell more books due to people’s defiled minds (by way of heaping teachers to themselves). And I won’t attempt to share its truth with you for these likely reasons; one, you probably won’t receive this comment; two, it won’t fit into your current understanding; three, you might reject me altogether; and four, without bearing in mind, you might decide to give that which is holy unto the dogs (which is quite common) … However, we have one Comforter to teach us all things, and that is your hope, as it is mine!
    Hopefully, ya’ll will have a good thanksgiving.


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