One thought on “Is America Mystery Babylon or the Earth Beast of Rev 13?”

  1. Hello Brother Nicklas,
    I wanted to comment on this to give you yet another witness to the truth in which also the seven kings was brought me back to America being the earth beast.

    See, I was a very devoted member of the SDA Church where I first heard of America being the earth beast. Something seemed off because over and over again most if not all of what I heard from the SDA was so subtle but it seemed I was the only one catching.
    They, the sda church would be correct in stating America is the earth beast, but the very subtle word they used always was “then”. With a whisper in my ear stating “pay attention to detail”

    Revelation says that it has two horns like a LAMB and speaks like a dragon. SDA’s ad nauseum will tell you it SPOKE like a LAMB, “then” it speaks as a dragon. Hence why I call that denomination Counterfeit SDA Historicism…many great people in their but also great deception of the most subtle variety more so than futurism perhaps? Anyways there you have it brother. If you want to use this comment on a future broadcast since I can’t call during the broadcast


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