One thought on “Covid 19 Covert Plandemic March to the Mark of the Beast Week Six”

  1. Hello Nicklas . . thank you for your wonderful teaching.

    I have read your timeline for Messiah’s return. 2050-2055 or so (we pray sooner of course.) I know it is speculation but it rings true with me because I believe the Antichrist system is ALSO following this timeline.

    I am sure you know of UN Agenda 2030. This also co-incides with the 2000th year (their calendar) anniversary of Messiah’s victory at Calvary . . . which Satan has convinced them was his victory. My speculation is that this is THEIR target date for full introduction of the Antichrist system. Perhaps 2030 will be the start of the fake rapture-tribulation saga . . or the end of it. I don’t know . . but certainly momentous events lie ahead . . and I think your study and wisdom line up well with what is being seen in the world. Speculation of course . . but we are told to keep our lamps lit!

    A couple of things on Coronavirus. Did you know that St. Corona is listed by Rome as the patron saint of pandemics? Her feast day (if she ever actually existed) is May 14 . . the same day that Antichrist is assembling the world leaders at the Vatican to sign a pact to combat climate change. What a coincidence, huh?
    May God continue to bless you and your work.

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