Reformed Prophecy Interpretation, The Book

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~ As with Primitive Biblical Christianity, Historicism is the method of prophecy interpretation restored with the advent of the Protestant Reformation, and had become “so widely held that for a long time it was called the protestant view.”
~ This book is not so much about the errors of Dispensationalism or Amillennialism, rather it is about the Historicist alternative to understanding many of the same passages from the vantage point of prophecy fulfilled in history, rather than a speculation of their fulfillment in the future.
~ For those that desire more than mere hypothesis, bolstered with conjectured speculation – those who require explicit biblical exegesis and verified historical fulfillment, and are not willing to accept speculation as anything other than what it is – speculation, not truth – this book is for you.
~ Over the last century this method of interpretation has become almost completely forgotten, even by Protestants, in the face of a method that is based almost entirely on future speculation, rather than fulfilled prophecy in history.
~ We will here examine the reasons for this, and investigate some of the prophecy which has been fulfilled in the interim, as well as present an Apology for Reformed Premillennial Historicism, to the 21st Century Church.

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