An Exposition of the Revelation

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-There has always been a true and Holy Spirit interpretation of the Word of God. This interpretation will ring true throughout history unchanged, and be verified by it. This is where we must start when looking for the best interpretation of the apocalyptic portions of the scripture. We must look in history for that which stands the test of time; that which agrees with the word of God, and history has proven to be true.
-This method of interpretation: Historicism, has been much maligned by the counter-reformation intrigue of hidden history and the Dispensational speculation of an end time Antichrist power, that has no place in history at all, but which has unfortunately been accepted as truth by the majority of the evangelical world.
-Because of this, the Historicist method of interpretation has become almost completely forgotten over the last century, even by Protestants, in the face of a method that is based almost entirely upon future speculation, rather than fulfilled prophecy in history.
-Perfect companion to my previous book Reformed Prophecy Interpretation for your reference library.

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