The Beast Apocalyptic Book


__ Only after we have exhausted the entirety of Apocalyptic uses of each of these symbols, may we look to unrelated scripture for supporting terms and characteristics attached to the symbol being scrutinized. By this method the Bible offers us some very clear explanations and interpretations for the beast symbol and those symbols that are attached to it.
__ Because much of the symbolic prophecy we are investigating has already been fulfilled in history, we can confirm our understanding with this further check. If none of our prophecy has been fulfilled, and we do not have an explicit clarification of the subject apocalyptic symbol anywhere in the Bible, then all we have is speculation.
__ This exposition is short and sweet, as there is no need for an abundance of superfluous facts of truth regularly included by prophecy pundits, merely comprised to impress, prop up and at the same time obscure some bold speculations, which if stood alone would be clearly seen for what they are.
__ I have no interest in speculation from past or present prophecy expositors, but seek to draw my final understanding only from the Bible. I have here endeavored to examine every apocalyptic use of the beast symbol and those symbols attached or related to them, then draw my conclusions from scripture alone.
__ I hope and pray that sharing this journey here, will be as enlightening and clarifying for you, dear reader, as it has been for me.

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