Debate, Nicklas Arthur-vs-Chuck Baldwin – Date of Revelation

Rebuttal to: When Did John Write The Book Of Revelation – 5/29/22 By Pastor Chuck Baldwin

One of my followers asked for a rebuttal to Chuck’s presentation, that is what I provide here.
Be it know that I am not a Dispensational Futurist and I do not believe in a pre-tribulational rapture. The failure of these two positions is not a good argument in favor of either an early date, or amillennialism. Rather it is used by many only to present a false dichotomy in order to prop up the several additional errors. The arguments should only be presented thus: Amillinnialism vs. Premillennialism; Dispensational Theology vs. Orthodox or Reformed Theology, etc. So here the debate should be confined to:
Early Date vs. Late Date of Revelation – Chuck Baldwin for Early Date (hr.2 of audio)

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One thought on “Debate, Nicklas Arthur-vs-Chuck Baldwin – Date of Revelation”

  1. The Real 2nd Declaration of Independence.Also checkout Prepping 101 on You Tube. ‘America is being destroyed.’ Live now.

    God bless you, Nicklas, firemanmike


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