The Planned Destruction of America, Who is Responsible?

The Antichrist Is behind the Destruction of America

hr.1 – News Commentary Current Events
hr.2 – Dates That Helped Destroy America

Get the New Book – The Beast Apocalyptic
An Exposition of the Apocalyptic Beast Powers and
Related Symbols of Daniel and the Revelation

2 thoughts on “The Planned Destruction of America, Who is Responsible?”

  1. Thank you for all your efforts in exposing the enemy , the beast that rules the earth .
    I pray The Lord continue to bless you with his truths and revelations and that many will have eyes to see and ears to hear !
    I am looking forward to reading your book on the millennium which has been a desire of mine to understand deeper .
    I ordered 4 of your books that I should be receiving within a few days and looking forward to reading and sharing them
    I would like to support your ministry but every time I hit the support button it doesn’t come up
    Is there any other way I could send support to you in your efforts ?
    God Bless !


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