Prophecy Reality Worldview Weekly 20221019

Worldview Weekly, News – Millennium Revisited, an Amil Recants!

Tom Schreiner on Leaving Amil video
Quite the admission coming from an Amil with expressed separation anxiety:
@1:47 “Amil saying the coming to life in chapter 20 verse 4 uh means coming to life, uh well the main view now is in the intermediate state. I just don’t think that’s very convincing in terms of what the resurrection is, and that the that Satan being put thrown into the abyss and with the chain refers to what happened at the cross. I think that’s possible, but i think it’s less likely. So i think that’s the problem with the amil view”
Two steps closer to the truth!
“It is the duty of every true Christian, especially the Amillennial proponent and teacher, to attempt to first harmonize all of the texts that they instead conjecture for its overthrow, with Revelation 20. The plain reading of the word of God presents the gospel to the saving of the soul. Likewise, the plain reading of the Revelation 20 text is in complete harmony with the whole word of God. Those things plainly laid out for the thousand-year era of Jesus’ bodily reign are no more outrageous or any less dramatic than everything that has happened since the beginning of His creation. To me, the rejection of the Messiah, in the described era, with resurrected saints, at the same time mortals are living to consider the gospel, and dying, then a closing rebellion to expose the rebel hearts, is much the same as the Jews who rejected a suffering Messiah, rising from the dead, to build a church in a sinful world, with strife, suffering, and persecution for two thousand years. Is the one prospect really less acceptable than the other? Are we wiser than Him?”

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