Real Red Wave and the Oxymoron Church

Prophecy Reality Worldview Weekly

I stood upon the sand of the sea and saw, behold a red wave coming toward me. Then a Great Red Dragon came up out of the sea. I was told that the red wave was a good thing, but I was deceived. Then I turned around and behold, a two horned beast came up out of the earth. One of it’s horns spoke with the woman which rode the red dragon beast and fornicated with her, then it spoke like a dragon too. The other horn simply looked on like a helpless lamb.

The Harlot woman wielding the power of her beast by a little horn, conspired with the the dragon speaking horn of the earth beast, to create an Image of the first beast, through which they would together vicariously rule the entire world, saying, who will be able to make war against us. They were drunk in the filthiness of their fornication, and by their corruption they staggered around the earth destroying everything good in their path.

And the world wondered after the beast, and worshipped the beast and its Image because of the multitude of the merchandise (money power) and sorcery (pharmakia) of the woman by which they were able to purchase the political prostitutes and fornicate with the rich men and rulers of the whole earth.

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