No Such Thing as an Inquisition

When I was a young man, 50 years ago, a gallon of gas was about 30 cents, a loaf of bread was about the same. Today a loaf of bread and a gallon of gas are $3 to $5 each. 10 times what it was 50 yrs ago – yes the govt. has been very busy stealing by inflation. Last year the govt. collected more income tax than anytime in history, but now they want to lower the threshold of reporting, again, now to $600. – that’s like $60 fifty years ago! How come inflation does not work when collecting taxes?

This is why there is a prohibition against direct taxes in the constitution (never repealed). The Federal Govt. was supposed to subsist on tariffs and imposts, as well the States were to pay a head tax, to be determined every ten years with the census, to the federal govt. for the limited powers delegated to it by that constitution.

The founding fathers never intended that the individual be accountable directly to the federal govt. (NO DIRECT TAXES) Inquisitions like those of western European history were unthinkable. But tyranny never sleeps – even now when Federal government has the power to create money out of thin air, unlike history when they actually needed gold and silver (real money), to pay their expenses. –

But they desire to continue their tyrannical control, by a very unnecessary individual inquisition of each and every single hard working citizen, who by fear, regardless of the constitutional prohibition, are deceived and coerced into filling out a 1040 inquisition form every year, in fear of their life, liberty, and property. – Merry Christmas !

11 thoughts on “No Such Thing as an Inquisition”

  1. Im assuming you are unaware that there are loopholes written within the US Constitution that have allowed Congress to get away with everything they have done and are doing today. According to research by F Tupper Saussy in his book, “Rulers of Evil” (see:
    Jesuit missionaries false-flagged the American colonists into the Revolutionary War so that Rome could secretly create a home base to legally worship satan and use us–the american people to build their one world government. Toward that end, they also framed a document they would deceive the American people with, making them believe they had the power to control this federal government through the electorial process. It does not take a brain surgeon to realise voting is just a ritual to a false god and false gods have no eyes to see, no ears to hear and no mouths to speak. Its all an illusion.

    In Art I Sec 8 Clause 17 of the US Constitution, it says, Congress shall have the sole power /authority to create the government for the municipality of the District of Columbia and govern it ANY WAY THEY WANT.

    This is where they created a CORPORATE government which we know corporations govern from the top to the bottom, much like a dictatorship and this is where much of the evil legislation has come from. They pulled Merchant Law aka, Admiralty Law, Law of the Sea, Commercial Law, US CODE, Legalese, UCC, out of the oceans where its only jurisdiction is supposed to be, and brought it up onto dry land to rule over us with. Wherever you see that gold fringe around a flag, that is International Merchant law at work and not the fake common law we are told gives us special rights.

    Ever look up the Magna Carta? It was about protecting the estates of the wealthy from the king or others from stealing it from under-aged heirs in the event the parents died while their children were young. It was put together by England’s Barons because king John, the unlawful signer of it, had been stealing the lands of his vassals because John was an evil king, the worst England had. It was unlawful for John to sign because 2 years earlier in 1213, John had signed away the crowns and lands of England, Ireland, Scotland and Normandy to the Vatican with pope Innocent III in a Charter where after John and his descendants would rule in name only for a rental fee of gold and silver to Rome. I doubt if Rome signed the Magna Carta as only they would have the power to make it law. Instead they propped it up like a false god to deceive those signers of their Constitution with. All the framers who are propped up as our founding fathers were Jesuits pretending to be otherwise. They all were Masonic Lodge members, many of high rank, like Ben Franklin. The Masons are controlled by Rome thru her Jesuits. The US constitution is based on the god of Freemasonry who is Lucifer. The religion of Freemasonry most resembles Judaism which is also satanic, once you research where it came from.

    The International BAR is controlled by Rome and these laws are cast like spells to enslave the world with.
    Words in Law are defined differently than their English definitions in such a way as to trick us into thinking they apply to us. We think we understand them, but when we look up how each word is defined via they definitions provided, we realize they are all commercial and that they are defining men and women as commercial property using the legal name which is Identity theft. This is a big black legal enslavement system they created when they took the US dollar off the gold standard and replaced it with the labor of the US CITIZEN or the 14th Amendment Citizen—a corporation.

    Our names have all been incorporated and then they try to make us believe the corporation is us when it comes to justice. When we claim to be this ALL CAPS corporate name, we become chattel, a slave with zero power rather than a free man or woman. The corporation is a dead thing, a fiction and our entire system of governance runs on the illusion that every American who claims to be a US CITIZEN lives within that 10 square mile area of the District of Columbia named the UNITED STATES, not to be confused with the landmass known as the united states of America and therefore are subject to the laws and jurisdiction of the District of Columbia’s municipal government. They do this with trickery of language and they get their power from our signatures when we sign any paperwork that contains that ALL CAPS name that looks like the name our mothers gave us. I say mother because the word “parent” in law means you have no power as a mother or father concerning the welfare of your offspring because the marriage license stole it from you. Its why CPS can steal children.

    Our solution is to stop feeding the beast and turn to our Creator in heaven because He is the only One who can help.

    2Ch 7:14-15 from the Breeches Bible the Pilgrims came here with says: If my people, among whom my Name is called upon, do humble themselves, and pray, and seek my presence, and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear in heaven, and be merciful to their sin, & will heal their land:
    Then mine eyes shall be open & mine ears attent unto the prayer made in this place.

    With the only way to our heavenly Father being thru the Name of His Son Jesus, or as I sometimes like to call Him by His Hebrew Name, Iehoshua, one must be born again in the Spirit to be heard from above.

    It is my opinion that the problem is we are brainwashed into believing the US Constitution has authority to protect or save us but its just a graven image. Graven images can be used like false gods and the American people have been manipulated to put the government of men before the governance of God, sort of like what Nimrod did in Genesis to put himself before God as a protector and provider for his people, which is where the mystery religions including that of Rome, come from. We never had sovereignty in the sense that worldly kings claim sovereignty, but we could have national sovereignty if as a nation we put Jesus first.

    The idea of having rights as in the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is something the satanists believe is their right to be free from the rules of an almighty Creating Authority, so they wrote their own rules stating they were the SUPREME laws of the land basically evicting our Creator God from national government, removing any religious testing from candidates seeking public office, then passed laws allowing them lie, steal, and kill men women and children whenever they want. Is it any wonder we have satanists who traffic children sitting in positions of power? See eph 6:12 as we wrestle not with flesh and blood but with spiritual wickedness among the leaders of ALL the nations of this world which is why we end up with a one world government. A spiritually dumbed down people allow this to happen. They are being dumbed down by false teachers in churches.

    Rather than rights, what we have are either blessings or curses per Deut 28 based on who we put as our highest authority. There is no separation of Church and STATE. Rome separated them in order to justify changing the Law.

    Come out of Babylon so that you do not suffer her curses.


      1. Thank you! Why does Churchianity not see that our Creator gave us a government rather than a religion?
        If Ecclesia is defined as an assembly or congregation of judges hearing cases in law, then Bishops and Cantors as defined in Pauls letters to Timothy are who God wants us to have as leaders of our communities not leaders of a religion that is altered by churches who want to pick and choose keeping their sins of choice.


  2. This is a better clip because I have a megaphone and you can actually hear the preaching (the sinner crowds get LOUD):


    1. I used to believe the definition of the word, “repent” was to change direction, to give up the fleshy garment, but then I discovered satan has been changing the definitions of words in English since before the first English translation of a Bible came into existence. If there is to be a one world language again, that language would be English because it is designed to deceive and confuse….but I digress.

      A keyword search of the word “repent” in the Bible also confirms it does not mean to turn away.


  3. Hi, do you have 5 minutes to talk today? I’m the pastor in PA who bought your books about 6 months back.

    Before we talk, please check out our street preaching and give me your thoughts:

    Thanks, Aden

    PS – I switched from futurist to Historicism 12 months ago and a few months after bought your books. Thank GOD the whole church here now also believes Historicism!


  4. .. Government means Mind CONTROL btw so Stop VOTING !!! maybe you do .. Property taxes are VERY ILLEGAL but Nickolas how do we not pay any??? I have termination of my driver’s license ,when pulled over then we show Hwy Pirates Big Bible and say ,,wher does it say ..Thou shalt have a Permit .. Xmas is Christ dead mass is very Catholic ..guess u know All this ..see Deliberate Dumbing Down of America and WINDFARMS are weapons of Mass Destruction WMD causing Weather Warfare putting Electricity into the Atmosphere and Canada and USA are Corporation of ROME btw and in Courts of Baal, never enter a PLEA bcz u never win a Trial unless ….


    1. culture was Destroyed a total Genocide Zionist organization Jesuits etc late 60,s Ottawa voted to replace millions of real farms with GMO farmers in late 30,s Ottawa voted to make HEMP and Cannabis illegal ,the DUPONT FAMILY made this happen .. Canada and USA and Australia are Corporation of ROME btw and on and on it goes ..ooooh JFK was Dummie Switch at the underpass so not shot … Titanic was sank by the Jesuits to create the Federal reserve Bank 🏦 and……


    2. all true, not a voter, the the Merry Christmas in context was on behalf of the Jesuit Tyrants – tho most wouldn’t get it! 🙂 (not sure about that dummy switch tho)


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