Why have a Millennium at all?

I cant even imagine that anyone would choose a thousand years on this corrupted earth, even ruling with Christ in a glorified body like His, over the new heaven and earth. But I would suspect that such choice would be akin to preferring to remain living out our mortal lives, instead of exiting them prematurely, leaving such decisions solely in His capable hands. But I do thank you for extending me the benefit of the doubt. I assure you that my Chiliast stand is based primarily upon the reading and plain interpretation of the Revelation as I have continually expressed it here and in my book.

Secondarily, my belief has been upheld and confirmed, upon seriously considering Amillennialism, after reading perhaps too many scholars of the view, which also required my dive into the primitive church belief on the issue. I found that in the first century, indeed chiliasm was nearly non-existant in the church, if even expressed at all. It was not until the second century that millennialism began its rise, because of the release of the Revelation itself!

In the following several centuries many of those who opposed the the idea even rejected the Revelation itself as genuine and apostolic, because of that very chiliast innovation which it expressly codified in its words, as if the word of God. And I also found that every one that had any direct connection with John or those he discipled in his few remaining years, agreed with those detractors that came later, that the Revelation was absolutely chiliast, but instead embraced the position rather than reject the Revelation itself.

Modern Anti-chiliasts, however, having confirmed the Revelation as genuine, apostolic, and cannon, as well as accepting the late date – the early date being unsupportable by any reason, have instead decided to conjecture and reinterpret the millennium away. Some much more convincing than others. There being no express or explicit scriptural statement of support for the thesis, what choice do they have. But as with all conjecture, there are always loose ends or tell tales that require an expansion of the construct, until it becomes so overwhelming that it simply implodes!

What You Must Believe If You Are an Amillennialist

and The Five Points of [Amillennial] Finalism

If you believe that the First Resurrection has already happened:
1. When was the first resurrection inaugerated exactly, according to the NT?
(Pick the closest) Jesus’ birth 26ad 30Ad 33ad 70ad 96ad Continue reading What You Must Believe If You Are an Amillennialist