What You Must Believe If You Are an Amillennialist

and The Five Points of [Amillennial] Finalism

If you believe that the First Resurrection has already happened:
1. When was the first resurrection inaugerated exactly, according to the NT?
(Pick the closest) Jesus’ birth 26ad 30Ad 33ad 70ad 96ad
2. Was Jesus the “first resurrection” of Rev. 20?
3. Who other was the first beneficiary of said resurrection?
4. Was Jesus’ resurrection a bodily resurrection that followed a bodily death?
5. Where do the first resurrected go in said first resurrection?

If you embrace the intermediate state please answer the following:
6. Are there saints there without bodies?
7. Are they ruling and reigning with Christ in said intermediate state?
8. Are the disembodied ruling over mortals on earth in Christ’s present intermediate reign?
9. Exactly how do disembodied “souls” reign over the physical world with Christ fom heaven?

If “a thousand years” in Rev.20 equals an undertermined peroid of time:
10. Have saints who died in the 1st century been there for nearly 2000 yrs?
11. Have saints who died in the 16th century been there for about 500 yrs?
12. Have saints who died 50 years ago only been there 50 years now?
13. Will saints who die 1 year before Jesus comes only been there 1 yr?
14. Will saints who live until Jesus comes be there at all?

The Five Points of [Amillennial] Finalism
The Bible is God’s final revelation to sinful man. There are no later revelations to supplement or supersede it; nor special interpretations explicitly reserved for latter-day saints1, hidden from the apostles. “History does not explain the Bible; the Bible explains history!” 2 Peter 1:16-21; Gal. 1:6-12; Jn 14:26, 16:5-15 et al.
Our Lord Jesus, the Logos of creation, the I AM of history, the eternal Lord of Glory, was made flesh and dwelt among us, once, in the ‘fullness of time’, in one unique and final incarnation, in the body which suffered upon the cross and rose again. He is not to be made flesh again to sit upon a carnal throne; nor will He appear again either to Jews or Gentiles, believers or unbelievers, until He is revealed in His present heavenly form and majesty to judge the quick and the dead of all ages. 1 Peter 1:1; Rev. 1; 1 Cor. 15:35-52; Gal. 4:4; Jn 1:1 et al.
This present Gospel Age is the last time given to mankind to hear and accept God’s offer of salvation. It is the final age in a great extended drama of human history from creation to consummation. There is no carnal age to follow in which any will be given a second chance or another means of salvation. Mt 13:24-43, 47-50; 25:1-13; Luke 13:22-30; 2 Cor. 6:2; Heb. 4, 12:22-29; 1 Peter 1; 2 Peter 3.
Jesus’ atoning death on the cross is the unique and final all-sufficient sacrifice for human sin accepted by God. It was ordained in eternity – not the afterthought of a ‘kingdom offer rejected’, and the One sacrificed was sinless – not one who by word or deed conspired to overthrow earthly rule by force. There is to be no more sacrifice for sin forever, either as re-enactment (the Roman Mass) or as ‘memorial’, and any such practice is an abomination to God, for it crucifies the Lord afresh. Heb. 7-10 and 1 Cor. 11.
This final age will terminate in the last day, when the earth will make its final revolution and then be dissolved and pass away (2 Peter 3; Rev. 20). Then will occur the final resurrection of the just and unjust of all ages, and the transformation of the living; then will Christ appear in glory with all His holy angels, before Whom all will stand in final judgment. Then will the wicked receive their just and final punishment, and the elect, clothed in Christ’s righteousness, will enter into their final reward.

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