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  1. Suzette,
    “Oh I see , you don’t look to the Greek text as being authentic for the interpretation of what a thousand means… Are not the original scripts from Greek writings ?”
    …..Good Question.
    The Hebrew and Greek dictionaries are not authoritative for interpretation. They were written by men as tools. The scripture is its own dictionary. By searching where a certain word, its Greek counterpart, appears everywhere else, we can find how the word was used in different contexts and come to a better understanding of its use in the context we are inquiring about.
    That the G/H dictionaries offer a list of choices as to definitions (not interpretations) of how a word is used in different places, is not an invitation to choose the one you like best, but to study the different contexts, because many words are context sensitive, and come to the best conclusion for the context in question.
    For instance I think that if God meant thousand to be an undetermined affinity, first, He would not have prefixed the definite articles in the Greek (which would make the sentence incomplete); secondly, he would have used murioi instead of chilioi, which if He did, I would agree that the or a thousand is not literal. But He did not.

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    1. There is NO second chance for mortals in an earthly reign of Christ after the destruction of Babylon Mystery Religion .

      During the birth of Christ the nations were deceived , the Gospel of truth went out to all four corners of the earth
      Upon the loosening of Satan once again Babylon mystery religion is in her last hour of deceiving the Nations before her destruction

      You are an imposter of the truth through your own vain intellect


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      1. Can you not refrain from the abuse of personal attacks? The understanding of eschatology will do you no good if you cannot treat a brother in Christ without contempt. You need to repent. Jesus said that the world would know that we belong to Him, by our love for one another. I have shown you nothing but kindness and patience – you degrade your own character by your continued abuse. You will get nothing in kind from me, I commend you to the Lord! Peace out.


  2. All of the prophecy is to be weighed and measured

    There is NO second chance for the mortals in a second earthy kingdom reign of Christ

    Just like there is NO more earthly Jerusalem , it’s desolation was in 70 AD

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  3. Adding and taking away from the word changes the meaning
    Adding the word “The” to great tribulation changed the meaning , creating a future event “The Great Tribulation “
    By adding “one” to “thousand” changes the meaning to a literal number vs “a thousand “ its meaning being of an uncertain time as the Greek

    Scripture proves scripture and by adding to its word it changes its meaning
    This has been the deception of Satan going by to the garden
    The Jesuits have used this same tactic to deceive and change the meaning of the Word of God and therefore God says , any who add or take away from this word let them be accursed

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    1. There is no need to add anything –
      “a thousand years” and “the thousand years”
      Let us consider that the word thousand, is used in this chapter six times in the original text preceded with the definite article a or the. Wherever χίλιοι (chilioi) appears with a prefix of certain affinity, such as “seven-thousand”, the prefix being ἑπτά (hep-tah’ or seven), indicates how many thousands. A numerical prefix appears accordingly wherever the number of thousands is two or more, imagine that!
      Another peculiarity to be noted is that never do we see the primary numeral, εἷς (hice or one) in the Greek, prefixed to χίλιοι in the original text anywhere in the New Testament. However. when appearing without a numerical prefix of any certain affinity, but with the definite article preceding, the or a thousand, it is understood as singular everywhere, and should also be understood as such in Rev. chapter 20 – that is to say, that the thousand years in context, should be taken in no other way than a literal one thousand years. This word is not symbolic, nor is it poetic in this context.


      1. You are twisting the meaning a thousand vs one thousand with your vain babblings
        The Greek meaning of a thousand simply states without confusion
        “ plural of uncertainty affinity”. Therefore symbolic
        ONE thousand is a definite therefore meaning an exact number

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        1. Exact Greek text as it is written #5507
          Plur. Of uncert. Affin.; a thousand :-thousand


        2. Suzette, “the” and “a” prefixed to “thousand” (or peaches, or anything else) are not of uncertain affinity, but singular. “chilioi” does not appear anywhere without a prefix of certain affinity, be it “a”, “the”, seven or 144… They are all certain where they appear. The only place “chilioi” appears without a certain affinity prefixed is in the Greek dictionary. If you insist on denying that fact you only confirm that you are too blinded by your own bias to understand eschatology at all.


        3. Oh I see , you don’t look to the Greek text as being authentic for the interpretation of what a thousand means
          I didn’t know there was another to interpret from

          Are not the original scripts from Greek writings ?

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  4. 1 Corinthians 15 :24-26
    Christ is ruling and reigning now and defeating his enemies under his feet
    And in the end He will raise His Kingdom out of the earth
    In Revelation, is not the seals , vials and trumps all about Christ defeating his enemies under foot through all the Church age ? And when all his enemies are defeated the last will be death and then the end , the great throne judgement
    No more reign on this corrupted earth , a New Heaven and a New earth will be created Revelation 21


    1. If you leave out Rev.20 it would be as you say! And so far, all of prophecy has come to pass, so I expect the Rev. 20 age to intervene between the age that we are in now and the new heaven and new earth that follows the white throne judgment, just as it is expressed. Christ will continue to rule in both ages and then forever in the eternal state.


      1. Thousand (Greek #5507). Plural of uncertainty affin. A thousand -thousand
        The meaning “one thousand” is a definite number were “a thousand “ means uncertainty
        Day(Greek #2250) can mean lit. Day of 24hours or Fig. A period -Age forever, judgement (day) time
        Revelation 20 is a summary , a period of time , an Age , forever
        From the time of the woman’s seed crushing the serpent , to the binding of Satan at Calvary , Christs kingdom reigning and the Gospel of truth going out to all the nations and the judgements let loose in the seals, vials and trumpets and the finality of Babylon Mystery religions destruction
        Each vs in Rev 20 must be weighed and measured and seen as fulfillment in prophecy

        At the time of Christs birth the Nations were deceived until the Gospel went out to all the nations
        Luke 18:8 states , when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith in the earth?
        Faith(Greek #4102) conviction of religious truth , truth itself
        We are living in the time of prophecy where Satan has been let loose and the nations have been deceived once again
        A millennium reign of an earthly kingdom of Christ would be offering a second chance to those who remained immortal ( sound familiar)
        This does not coincide with what scripture says but gives a futurist Pharisee belief and a Jesuitical deception


        1. Correction *mortal , not immortal

          I’m just a believer searching for the truth

          Let us pray for one another , that we all remain faithful to the end .


  5. You are adding and taking away from the word of God regarding His Kingdom

    The earth is His footstool and the Heavens His throne


    1. Presently Jesus sits at the right hand of God in heaven until his enemies be made his footstool. When He returns his feet will be placed on the earth (as his footstool) where and when He will rule on the earth with His saints for a thousand years. Nothing added, nothing taken away!


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