Disarm the IRS, Papal Thieves Repent, Bible Drama, 5G Poisoning

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4 thoughts on “Disarm the IRS, Papal Thieves Repent, Bible Drama, 5G Poisoning”

  1. Personally I think Tom was awesome, in the readings of the Protestants books and history. I learned so much from the many hours of his shows and Jørg’s as well from their readings. As always pick the good fruit and discard the unwell – we usually always can find disagreements if we look in others.

    But overall we have lost so much – like in “Protestant” Denmark 82% of people believe in Satanic Evolution. The People could just have read the beginning pages of the Bible and then tested out what the Gods said from the very beginning pages of the Law of sanity and the Satanic evil insanity would be dumped to the trash where it rightly belongs.

    Overall, I summed the most important teachings out to be – Who Christ and who is Antichrist.
    Law and Christ – Lawlessness and Antichrist.

    The Law exposes the Devil and makes his many deceptions and lies into nothing, his vain traditions and laws to none effect, no wonder he would send his most crafty learned liar and deceiver into the fold with Sheep clothing on to mislead the Christians away from it.

    Christ warned us about false prophets that could if possible deceive the very elect – Paulus was tested and rejected by the whole area of Asia in his last time according to himself, Christ wrote to Ephesus about it in the book of Revelation. Asia had 2 true Apostles in the area, John and Philip and was the very area standing against the Romanizers for a long time resting there lawless falsehoods.
    The first Christians, the Nazarenes and afterward the fallen Ebionites who most likely came from out of them later on, as far as my study goes both confirmed Sha’ul as an apostate from the law, and it is indeed from the Letters of Paulus we find the ammunition for people to engage in the same very wicked process against the law, while proclaiming Christ in Sheep clothing, they have become the very top predators of the Law of Truth and those who try to their best ability to guard and follow it, to be instructed by it and to lay the devils vanity to dust.

    May Jehovah be with you, and Jayshua a most precious Pearl and their Spirit of Truth in us all, Amayn.
    Dearly regards – Darkijah the Protestant Judaizer


  2. Do you know if Tom believes that Jayshua is God Almighty Jehovah?
    Apparently Jørg and Bret seems to not believe that – and not sure about what Tom himself believe.

    Anyway… Sure thing will be a 1000 year kingdom reign on Earth by Jayshua!!! I’m not sure how much I agree with you on things, but I do not believe in a Rapture, at least not what most believe in – we are going straight through the Great Tribulation for a gigantic blood bath without number. 144.000 Isralites will be sealed, most likely to stand as witnesses as they seem to go through the Tribulation alive and into the Trumpets judgments.

    You can call when you are live? I can try calling from Danmark and say hello if you are up for it 🙂

    Have a great day of rest.

    – Darkijah the Protestant Judaizer.


      1. You mean you disagree on Paulus, no matter – I know the view on Simon and disagree on that as he is clearly not very deceptive at all. Yet Roman Pharisee Poop Paulus the first is a Satanic Masterpiece and that can be confirmed by the many Lawless people who follows him and do everything in there power to attack the good Law of Jehovah, I have a good amount of collection of data points on that – people are absolutely insane as to how they will do the most wicked wordings and twisting to make the Law of Freedom into absolute nothing. I should collect all the times I have them thrown at me, people will try anything to make the Law of Moses null and void and Sha’ul is used again and again to attack it.

        Why do we not keep the Sabbath, Paulus said.
        The Festivals of Jayshua, Paulus said.
        Why do we think we can eat meat, Paulus said.
        That Woman has to wear something on there head when they pray, Paulus said.
        That Men has to not have something on there head when praying, Paulus said.
        That the Law is abolished, Paulus said.
        That the Law is done away, Paulus said.
        That the law is a curse, Paulus said.
        That the Law is a heavy yoke, a burden, loss of salvation and blablabla it goes. People hate the Law of true Love and run to Antichrist 666 for instructions, he who THINKS to change times and laws, Calender, Festivals and the Laws of Jehovah, the Poop is the Man of Sin, the Man of Transgression, the Man of Lawlessness, the very Puppet of the Devil who is against Christ, a faker and a flop, the great stinker and unholy ruin, the Man of dead.

        If you wanna talk about it on friendly terms, I can call in and say hello. Although Simon is way to obvious, nay, but Paulus is a Satanic Master in leading people away from the Divine Law of the Gods. The one tool to sow the uneatable Poisoness Lawless Tares compared to the Good eatable Lawabiding Wheat.

        And then I will say to them, I never knew you, depart from me ye who are without the law. A-nomos – you who have rejected the Law of Moses, they have become double the degree of the Children of gehenna, the smell of sulfer and fire, they have become the very enemies of right ruling rejecting his written word for instructions, and we who are his Children are called for discipleship, to be lead on the narrow way, to follow our Messiah and Saviour and true God Almighty who died for our sins once and for all.

        LORD LORD have we not done this and that, have we not prophesied in your name, driven out demons and done many wonderful things in YOUR NAME… Yet he never knew them, these proclaimed Christians, and the very reason for this, was that they had rejected the Torah as valid. WE ARE NOT UNDER THE LAW… ohh…. I beg to differ, we are very much under the law and that, also after the Cross and Christ dead for our transgressions of the Law. He died for our Sins, our evil works that we have done, to repent and look to the Sinless Perfect Spotless Lam of Jehovah, not the law itself to be annulled – there is a huge deceptive satanic difference.

        There was and is 2 Gospels going out, in the name of Christ – it began in the first century – One Gospel includes the Law, the fake fiercely attacks it. First the Good sower sowed the Wheat in the ground, then the Devil came to sow Darnel. The Sheep and the Wolves in Sheep clothing – all do they proclaim them self Christians and believers. One group who pulls for the Law and one that is against it. The Children of Jehovah and the Children of the Devil.

        Paulus was the slickest deception Satan ever have created – to be so close to the truth about Christ, a witness for who he was and proclaiming him, yet misleading people astray, away from the law, and further, becoming the most vicious enemies of it, it is clearly seen by the many “protestant” Pauline Christians, many sadly have the same intense satanic hatred against it as the Devils children in Roman Catholics.

        Dearly regards – Darkijah


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