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History of Protestantism 01 Chapters 1&2 v1.b1

Chapter 1. Protestantism. The Seed of Arts, Letters, Free States, &c. — Its History a Grand Drama — Its Origin — Outside Humanity — A Great Creative Power — Protestantism Revived Christianity;
Chapter 2. Decline of the Early Christian Church.
Early Triumphs of the Truth — Causes — The Fourth Century — Early Simplicity lost — The Church remodeled on the Pattern of the Empire — Disputes regarding Easter-day — Descent of the Gothic Nations — Introduction of Pagan Rites into the Church — Acceleration of Corruption — Inability of the World all at once to receive the Gospel in its greatness.

What Is Protestantism?

Protestantism is a principle – it is anti-rebellion – it is a protest against tyranny – it is protagonist. Tyranny on the other hand is that principle which, by rebelllion against God, puts one man or confederation of men in the place of God over others – It is antagonist; It is anti-Christ.
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