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The Seven Year Tribulation, and Who Is He?

Most adherents of the Futurist interpretation do not even have a clue as to where theleft_behind_news seven year tribulation is derived from in the scripture itself, though it happens to be the host period of every key event that differentiates their view from the historical position.

The Seven Year Tribulation Deception
There are two foundational scripture passages upon which the futurist seven-year tribulation is based:

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Christian History 010 Protestants before Protestantism

Berengarius — The First Opponent of Transubstantiation — Numerous Councils Condemn him — His Recantation — The Martyrs of Orleans — Their Confession — Their Condemnation and Martyrdom — Peter de Bruys and the Petrobrusians — Henri — Effects of his Eloquence — St. Bernard sent to Oppose him — Henri Apprehended — His Fate Unknown — Arnold of Brescia — Birth and Education — His Picture of his Times — His Scheme of Reform — Inveighs against the Wealth of the Hierarchy — His Popularity — Condemned by Innocent II and Banished from Italy — Returns on the Pope’s Death — Labors Ten Years in Rome — Demands the Separation of the Temporal and Spiritual Authority — Adrian IV. — He Suppresses the Movement — Arnold is Burned.