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New World Religion from Fairdinkum Radio on Vimeo 04-02-14.

Count Down to 7th Millennium, Breaking of America; Faith, Practice and Spirit Leading…
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03.13.13________________What Year Is It?
America in Prophecy

Prophecy Reality Archives

Prophecy Reality Series
04.18.12 Cross The Border
Rapturemania – The Death of Hope

01.18.11 Nicklas Joins Tom Friess
UID-Ron Paul-Charity In Truth

12.28.11 Cross The Border
2012 or 5940, What Year Is It?
How Soon the Millennial Reign?

12.21.11 Tom Friess Joins Nicklas
Vatican Moves on Temple Mount

12.14.11 Nicklas Joins Tom Friess
Wall of False Prophets

12.07.11 Nicklas Joins Tom Friess
Got Your Rapture Seat Belt On?

11.30.11 Nicklas Joins Tom Friess
Abomination that Maketh Desolate .. Matthew 24 PART 2

11.16.11 Nicklas Joins Tom Friess
Three Prophecy Questions Answered . Matthew 24 PART 1

11.09.11 Nicklas Joins Tom Friess
Version Confusion and Delusion 02 Daniel 9:27

11.02.11 Nicklas Joins Tom Friess
Version Confusion and Delusion 01
10.26.11 Nicklas Joins Tom Friess
Satan’s Money 02
10.19.11 Nicklas Joins Tom Friess
Satan’s Money 01

10.12.11 Nicklas Joins Tom Friess
Least Commandments Discussion

09.28.11 Nicklas Joins Tom Friess

09.21.11 Nicklas Joins Tom Friess

09.14.11 Nicklas Joins Tom Friess

09.07.11 Nicklas Joins Tom Friess

08.31.11 Nicklas Joins Tom Friess

08.24.11 Nicklas Joins Tom Friess

08.17.11 Nicklas Joins Tom Friess

08.10.11 Nicklas Joins Tom Friess
Nicklas is available for interviews-please email

94min Remastered HD.

3 thoughts on “Prophecy Reality Interviews

  1. With regard to some of your comments about not working or earning your money in the world system (Babylon), was not Daniel working in and being supported by the real Babylon (the type)? God has not given everyone the same gifts and resources in the body of Christ. I have been in business before and it takes a tremendous amount of resources and health to sustain self-employment. Four years ago, I had to give up working to stay at home with my declining elderly parents, both of whom passed away this year (2016). I was fortunate enough in 2012 to qualify for SS disability because of rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, glaucoma and have since developed venous insufficiency and my feet, ankles and lower legs are filled with fluid and I can’t even get on a “normal” pair of shoes. I have to wear shower shoes because I can adjust them with a Velcro adjustment to get some kind of fit.

    Further, because my RA has advanced so much, my rheumatologist wanted to try an injectable biologic in August which required that I have a TB test first. RA drugs drastically lower the immune system thereby making it difficult to fight infection, that’s why the testing is important. Sure enough, and I couldn’t believe this myself, the TB test came back positive after two tests. I also had a chest x-ray which showed a nodule in the lung. Now until the TB is eradicated, and I must see a pulmonologist to determine whether it’s active or latent, I can’t get the relief of a RA biologic treatment. It takes 6-9 months of TB treatment to eradicate the bacterial infection. I can barely walk with the pain and stiffness from this dreadful RA disease. My right ankle has fallen in and I need a brace on that foot and I should see a podiatrist to get “special shoes” for the support that I need. Try doing all this on a disability benefit. After 2 years, I was eligible for Medicare but believe me, I would much rather work my own business again but I’m not sure that’s in my future.

    I pray to the Lord everyday if it can be His will to heal me so that I can do the things I need to do and work again. I started taking care of my parents in June of 2004. They needed financial help along with other care. I went through my entire retirement savings helping them and I would do it again in a heartbeat to have them back. But after draining all my retirement, becoming even more ill myself, not having a child that would take care of me like I did my parents, what do I do? Do you think God will hate me and banish me because I became sick and needy? Shall I give up my faith on your testimony? I am beside myself now and don’t know what to do.


    • Each one of us are individually judged by God according to the light he has given us. My testimony is mine, not yours. God’s mercy belongs to all of those who are His! peace Nicklas


  2. mabey sun be darkened and moon not give her light are eclipses.and stars falling from heaven may be meteor showers?????


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