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The Last Prophecy Playlist – Horae Apocalypticae Abridged, E B Elliot

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“The Last Prophecy” was the abridged version authorized by E. B. Elliot himself. The editors of this revised version humbly admit the primary credit to E. B. Elliot and those who went before us in this great work.
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When the Third Temple is Built by Nicklas Arthur

..Most of the Evangelical and Christian world today believes that the Coming of Christ is imminent and that they will be Raptured away before all of the calamity of the entire Book of Revelation ensues during the very last seven or three and a half years of this era, a period of Great Tribulation unlike any other in the History of the World.
..As the world around us shapes to confirm that we are indeed in the time of the very end, many are beginning to look deeper into the Bible and more specifically the prophetic passages of Jesus, the epistles and the Revelation. This has caused many to lay down the Pre-Tribulation Rapture Doctrine because of the shaky ground on which it is founded. What I found out is that the error and deception goes much deeper than one would think upon entering this sojourn.
..So please take a break, let go and seriously consider the things that I expose in this continued investigation into the false as well as the unknown or forgotten interpretations of Bible prophecy. This book is by no means a complete expose of Bible Prophecy, but merely a teaser, an appetizer, to induce you to look where the mainstream Christian world is not looking. May The Almighty bless you as you seek a Holy Spirit interpretation of His prophetic passages.
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Flat Earth or Spherical Earth, What does the Bible Say

Many people will think, you gotta be kidding!  For the consummate iconoclast, every belief should be seriously pondered.  The lover of truth must allow all assumptions to be overthrown or upheld, with adequate consideration.  So bare with me as we consider this question:  Flat Earth or Spherical Earth, What does the Bible Say?

He stretcheth out the north over the empty place,
and hangeth the earth upon nothing. (Job 26:7)


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