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Reformed Torah

One Saturday in April this year, I and my neighbor Mark visited a torah school and farm in Tulare county. We toured their farming operation then attended their Saturday Sabbath celebration which was held in a large tent, then followed by a shared potluck style meal. We sat for the meal with Bryan Barnes the Director, and discussed the operation, goals and details of the ministry, Growing In Torah. Several times Bryan used the phrase “when I found Torah” when giving his testimony.

So I asked him, “Bryan, I noticed several times you used the phrase you ‘found Torah’, could you tell me what you mean by that?” He went on to explain, that to him, Torah refers to everything from Genesis to Revelation as he held up his Bible. So I threw out several questions on works based salvation, Sabbath keeping, election, etc. We agreed that works follow salvation, day keeping is totally voluntary, and God is both the author and finisher of our salvation. This seems contrary to most of what passes for Hebrew Roots Torah groups. Bryan went on to admit that there is much error in the movement. Continue reading Reformed Torah