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Prophecy Reality TV 20150624

Prophecy Reality TV 20150610

Why I no longer believe in the Pre Tribulation Rapture, Amy Denise

Nicklas with Greg Anthony of the Investigative Journal

A discussion.

Prophecy Reality TV 20150527

Cashless Society is upon us, Smokin Joe joins the show…

Protesting the Mark of the Beast Series

A twenty-five year journey…

Nicklas interviews Greg Anthony of the Investigative Journal

The Unholy Trinity that Rules the World – discussion.  Entire audio broadcast available in rss feed in right column.


Was what we now call the Temple Mount something else?
Was it a Roman Fort?  If so where was the Temple?
Robert Cornuke – Biblical Archeologist

Time of Jacobs Trouble

Jacob represented Israel in the Flesh, if the True Church is Israel Today, what does Jacob Represent? 40 Years of Trouble for the Nominal Church!

Will America be Judged as the Mystery Babylon of Revelation

The End of America (Daughter of Babylon), Harbinger, Shemitah and other nonsense… Write Fiction masquerading as Prophecy, get Rich!!!  Tell the Truth and basque in Obscurity!!! I would rather be great in God’s Kingdom…