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My name is Nicklas Arthur and I have been a Bible Student since 1972 when I had my “Damascus road experience” and received the adoption as a son of God. I then retired from my profession as a carpenter in 1993 to pursue the call of ministry in the Word of God. I am presently widowed. I am a homeschooling Father as well as a homeschooling Grandfather, I believe that it is important to walk the walk and that our children and grandchildren also walk in the admonition of the Lord.

I started broadcasting in 1994 on several current events type shows until 1996 when I followed the distinct call of God to start a wholly Bible Based Broadcast. First with KDNO FM formerly one of the most powerful Christian FM broadcast stations in central California, later founded the First Amendment Rights Media Group and FirstAmendmentRadio.com while doing my daily Bible Based Radio Broadcast.

My daily broadcast, called “Cross The Border” one critic has proclaimed “too hardcore bible” and friends have dubbed it “Thru the Bible for the 21st Century.” “Cross The Border” is a reference to the “gospel of the kingdom” which the Messiah preached, which kingdom is an alternative to the kingdoms of men which ultimately will all pass away.

“So I preach and I bid all to Cross The Border into the Kingdom of God, the only Kingdom which will last forever, nothing is more important!” Nicklas Arthur

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  1. Just came across your you tube video concerning Matthew 24 and found it very interesting and revealing. Great job! I have the same view as you and seem to have much of the same feelings you have about our Christian brethren concerning their teachings in dispensationalism. I have my own online seminary, Luder Wycliffe Theological Seminary and we are working on the world’s first Eschatological Study Bible from a historical position. (Amillennial) Please keep up this most important work you are doing, because you are preaching truth in what I feel is an humble and loving presentation.


    1. Well, I got very suspicious of Shoebat and I certainly think he is jesuit trained. I think he is scary.


  2. I recently subbed your channel so when I noticed you were streaming live this this afternoon, I decided to listen. Then not 30 minutes into your broadcast, you stopped. Why? Are you okay? I will listen next week for I was riveted by the information you were giving. God bless. -Cynthia

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  3. Have you heard of Waid Shoebat? What do you think of him ? How does this tie into what your saying? And I believe your right on the dotted line with your message! Keep up the good work! The father is proud of you!☺️


      1. Thank you for getting back to me so quickly I’m a Seventh-day Adventist and my pastor who is recently retired does the three angels message on YouTube pastor Stephen Bohr he to believes The United States is the beast and with all that’s going on in the world I’m trying to correlate how this all comes together he also believes as you do concerning the Vatican !


  4. Nicklaus,
    The link on Romance vs Agape book of Ruth appears not to be connecting properly, please assist. Thanks brother.


  5. Shalom to precious Sir/ Professor/brother/sister in YHWH!
    Sub.: THE WISE SHALL UNDERSTAND 70 WEEKS PROPHECY in the end times [CE 36 to CE 2139](Dan. 12:10; Matt. 24:15-20; 1 Cor. 2:8-16; Rom. 8:9) to keep all the Sabbaths (Lev. 19:3;1 Cor. 5:7,8; Col. 2:16) in the right time (Exodus 13:10, 23:14-17; Num. 9:1-3; Col. 2:16).
    Challenge: 70 Weeks Prophecy (490 Years) is fulfilled but when did it take place accurately according to YHWH’S 49 – Year Lunisolar Cycle (Lev. 25:8)?
    I am feeling so happy to bring this matter to your precious presence because you are efficient to solve this puzzle. So look into this matter because Feasts of YHWH and 70 Weeks Prophecy belongs to Scriptural Astronomy and Mathematics. …………………………………………………………….


    1. I have read your entire treatise, I dont know exactly what you are trying to say. God gave the Jubilee statute to Israel in the Exodus year, would that not be the first year of the jubilee cycle? I have not been able to link or synchronize that with the 70 weeks prophecy, nor have I tried.


      1. Yes indeed, Nicklas, the —Jubilee count,— did begin with the Exodus event on: Saturday, 15 Nisan, 2446AM, 1313CJ, (Jewish) 1446BCE, which is: JDay1,193,385.33, and therefor the First Jubilee was “celebrated” “In the Promised Land” exactly 49 years later on Saturday, 15 Nisan 2488AM, 1273JP, (Jewish), 1406BCE, which is JDay1,207,993.33.


        Robert P. Killian

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    1. My name is Anthony Granata , I watched some of your show about Daniel this evening, —-(on the subject of *abomination of desolation) —- and I felt in my spirit that you were being sincer, My spirit, Nicklas, is and has fellowship with God Holy Spirit and I was blessed by you brother, and thats why I am writing you– to let you know in no uncertain terms that the Lord is with you when you share his word, I felt it!..

      I am a bible student that is not really committed to being one, that is a bible student ( I am over 50) and not in the best of health at the moment , but i dont want to talk about that.
      I dont usually write anything but just let it pass, but today for the very first time I understood and was abel to grasp what the abomination of desolation means! —
      I am presently learning it in class at Liberty University Its Bible 450 the book of Daniel
      God Bless Brother

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