About Me

My name is Nicklas Arthur and I have been a Bible Student since 1972 when I had my “Damascus road experience” and received the adoption as a son of God. I then retired from my profession as a carpenter in 1993 to pursue the call of ministry in the Word of God. I am presently widowed. I am a homeschooling Father as well as a homeschooling Grandfather, I believe that it is important to walk the walk and that our children and grandchildren also walk in the admonition of the Lord.

I started broadcasting in 1994 on several current events type shows until 1996 when I followed the distinct call of God to start a wholly Bible Based Broadcast. First with KDNO FM formerly one of the most powerful Christian FM broadcast stations in central California, later founded the First Amendment Rights Media Group and FirstAmendmentRadio.com while doing my daily Bible Based Radio Broadcast.

My daily broadcast, called “Cross The Border” one critic has proclaimed “too hardcore bible” and friends have dubbed it “Thru the Bible for the 21st Century.” “Cross The Border” is a reference to the “gospel of the kingdom” which the Messiah preached, which kingdom is an alternative to the kingdoms of men which ultimately will all pass away.

“So I preach and I bid all to Cross The Border into the Kingdom of God, the only Kingdom which will last forever, nothing is more important!” Nicklas Arthur

8 Responses to About Me

  1. Robert P. Killian says:

    1949 is close enough!
    I have 1948AM, 1944BC, for the birth of Abraham. These two numbers add to 3892.
    Now, what is the corresponding number you have that goes with 1949? Your two numbers should add to 3952. Just like the “three examples” I’ve mentioned in a previous e-mail.that have AM, & BC
    Is this right?

    R. P. K.

    Monte Carlo,


  2. Robert P. Killian says:

    At least I do take into consideration your opinion of the sequential biblical events as you have presented them on-line, otherwise I don’t give a damn about what you think or say on your web-site because, it is in error by 60 years on the AM, timeline and quite a few other people are aware of this math-mistake.

    I had hoped you would want to escape open ridicule for making such an obvious 60 year error. I have no doubt that you shall, should you choose not to correct this obvious error, be getting ever more inquiries about it.

    I suspect that it may be at the birth of Abraham. Again, in my opinion, that date should be 1948AM, 1944BC. That is just a intuitive guess! The 60 year error my be elsewhere in your computations.

    You have stated, in your on-line work, that you are willing to acknowledge and correct any mistakes that someone may find in your sequential biblical event timeline.

    This obvious 60 year error, that I have found in your present biblical timeline version, I think, you will wish to correct as soon a you reveal your own “dates”, AM, & BC, for the birth “date” of Abram.

    R. P. K.

    Monte Carlo,
    Monaco ,


    • I include all of the scriptural references from which I derive my timeline. in my genealogy chart I have the year 1949 for the birth of Abraham – Until I can be shown an error I cannot correct it or simply change it because it does not agree with someone else’s outcome. My opinion does not matter, only what God’s word reveals.


  3. Robert P. Killian says:


    Yes, I see that your chart now shows 210 years instead of 240 year between 130th Jacob and Exodus. That is some good progress!

    We still have the 60 year difference between your 3952 and my 3892 for the totals of:
    1. Your Babylonian Desolation in 3366AM, 586BC. I have it read 3306AM, 586BC.
    2. Your Temple rebuilt in 3436AM, 516BC. I have it read 3376AM, 516BC.
    3. Your Decree to rebuild in 3494AM, 458BC. I have it read 3434AM, 458BC.

    In my opinion, each of your AM, dates for these three sequential biblical events should be reduced by 60 years.

    While I do agree that you don’t “date” Adams “expulsion” from Paradise in the Garden of Eden, the date for this event is implied by adding each of your AM, PLUS BC, dates. All three of your date mentioned above “add-to” 3952. MINUS 60 years equals 3892BC,

    In my opinion, 3892BC, is the “only number that can work” in solving the current Biblical Chronological dispute/debate.

    Perhaps we can now identify the reason for this 60 year difference. It seem to be a major problem in the resolution of our sequential numerical difference. Do you agree?.

    R. P. Killian

    Monte Carlo,


    • To me it does not matter what your opinion is. I have drawn my timeline only from the scripture up until Christ. Now if you can show me an error in my calculation there, then we have something to talk about which I can acknowledge. Is it in the Genealogies? Is it in the Exodus-Judges Era? Is it in the reign of the Kings of Judah? …the BCE Desolation to Roman CE Desolation Era? Where is your specific difference?


  4. Tom says:

    Used to listen to you with randy lee and john joseph, are they well? Peace through Jesus the Christ.


    • Don’t know what has happened to them, I pray they are well.


      • Anthony Granata says:

        My name is Anthony Granata , I watched some of your show about Daniel this evening, —-(on the subject of *abomination of desolation) —- and I felt in my spirit that you were being sincer, My spirit, Nicklas, is and has fellowship with God Holy Spirit and I was blessed by you brother, and thats why I am writing you– to let you know in no uncertain terms that the Lord is with you when you share his word, I felt it!..

        I am a bible student that is not really committed to being one, that is a bible student ( I am over 50) and not in the best of health at the moment , but i dont want to talk about that.
        I dont usually write anything but just let it pass, but today for the very first time I understood and was abel to grasp what the abomination of desolation means! —
        I am presently learning it in class at Liberty University Its Bible 450 the book of Daniel
        God Bless Brother


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